Top 20 among the 100 Best Companies to Work For

Millions of new recruitment is going on everyday but it is really interesting to know who all companies are sitting at the top choice list of job seekers'.

  • Google

    Google has the top spot that’s what is great about this company.

  • Boston Consulting Group

    You can earn about $139,000 a year if you’re hired.

  • SAS Institute

    You’ll get a lot of bonuses and a free health care center is one of them.

  • Wegmans Food Markets

    If you are one of their workers, you be enrolled in a free smoking-cessation program.

  • Edward Jones

    They have about 11,000 offices, so you are very far from layoff.

  • NetApp

    If you are one of their employees, you’ll get payouts of up to 31 percent of your salary.

  • Camden Property Trust

    This firm is very generous to their employees. Last year, they gave from $100 to $5,000 bonuses.

  • Recreational Equipment (REI)

    Employees are being given some advantages and a large discount on merchandise is one of them.

  • CHG Healthcare Services

    They listen to their employees suggestions.

  • Quicken Loans

    Employees are very proud of the company’s great move - suburbs to downtown Detroit.


    It maintains its zany culture and employees provide new business ideas.

  • Mercedes-Benz USA

    Since Mercedes has been in the business for 125 years, they provided bonuses to their employees.

  • DPR Construction

    Employees can attend quarterly meetings and can voice out their opinions or ideas.

  • DreamWorks Animation

    The company is providing new updates to their staffs.

  • NuStar Energy

    The company never lay off an employee.

  • Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

    They give $10,000 as a prize for the best housekeeping.

  • JM Family Enterprises

    It offers free haircuts and child-care center to their employees.

  • Chesapeake Energy

    It is the largest child-care center in the state.

  • Intuit

    New employees are being provided with formal rotation programs.

  • USAA

    The firm’s building has a lot of features such as indoor walking path, a medical clinic, basketball, and tennis courts.


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