Target to Sell Apple iPad by Oct.3

Due to its ultra-high popularity, the new Apple iPad will now be made available to all Target retail stores across the United States starting October 3, the retail shop said in a statement.

Analysts said that iPad sales could hit 21 million by 2011 as demand continued consistently high months after its launch in April.

 US retail giant Target has set its eyes to the new Apple iPad tablet computer, which will be made available in all its store chains across the United States by October 3.

In a statement, Target vice-president Mark Schindele said that the new iPad will be priced the same as those sold at Apple stores and Best But online shops. But he added that customers who will use credit cards can get as much as 5 percent discount.

“We are very excited to offer this revolutionary device. By October 3, the iPad will be available for all our customers nationwide,” the official added.

“With the holiday shopping season just in the corner, we believe that the iPad will be on the top of our guests’ lists,” he added.

Apple has started channeling the ultra popular iPad to other retail store chains in the country as production began to catch up with the strong demand, which has been consistently high after its launch in April/

According to analysts, Apple may set a new record in its sales, saying that iPad sales can reach as many as 21 million by 2011, significantly higher than the earlier forecast of 14.5 million.

The new forecast was based on the higher supply and distribution channels in several other countries.


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