Owning a Young Rembrandts Franchise

Young Rembrandt specializes in honing the creative minds and hands of the students.

In line with their beliefs, they wanted to spread their work to more children and school through franchising.

Children need to be developed in every aspect as they grow up. Schools are there to provide opportunities for them to grow and develop in the appropriate ways. It is the teacher’s task to think of the fitting ways on how to make it all happen for the children in the most meaningful way. If you would try to observe the programs being implemented in schools and learning centers for young learners, they incorporate creativity and playfulness so that it will interest the children greatly, allowing them to participate more in all activities. One of the best loved activity in schools that children love is doing artworks. You cannot simply tell the children to do a certain artwork instantly. There should be stages to be followed as to how the children will perform thru their outputs. Gradually, the levels in teaching art to students progress as they age. For a regular classroom teacher, it may be quite difficult to ascertain the right art activity for the children, without being too strict and boring about it. That is why artists are more inclined to conduct art sessions with kids because they are on the-know of how to teach the right strokes and color combinations in creating a masterpiece. Certainly, in every learning institution, it is necessary for them to provide these opportunities for children in order to produce a well-rounded learner in the future. This is the main reason why Young Rembrandts came about in the education scene. They are around to ensure that children continue to discover and enhance their ability to create their own artistic works.

If you are looking for a profitable business opportunity where you no longer have to be caged in the strict office hours while being manned here and there by your boss, then try to consider the benefits that a franchising opportunity with Young Rembrandt can give you. Once you decide on joining Young Rembrandt, you’ll not only work more efficiently as your own boss, but you are also inspiring many children by bringing out the artist in them.

Young Rembrandt is currently in search for a qualified franchisee that can handle a unit of their company in lot of locations to choose from nationwide and worldwide. They would gladly take you in if they find you to have a general business experience, remarkable marketing skills, and exemplary leadership skills. Your role in this business is very much important. That is why you must have the motivation to keep it working for you and your stakeholders. An experienced person can bring a lot of assistance and new inputs for the improvement of the learners and of the school. With enough marketing skills, it will be easier for you to find more clients that may be interested to your line of business. You can make your long-time clients to stay with you for a longer time because of your customer relating skills.

You can easily have your own Young Rembrandt by preparing your investment, which must be at least $39,900 up to $49,600. Your investment will be divided into various parts. The first one that you must pay up to is the franchising fee. The company will get $28,500 up to $31,500 as their charge of franchising fee. The on-going royalty fee will be at 10% to 8% of your net income, which may be paid to the company regularly as agreed in the contract.

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  • Christiana Akujobi said on December 21, 2020
    Hello! My name is Christiana Akujobi, am a Nigerian and I would like to know if I can participate in your Young Rembrandt's franchise program. Thank you, my email is bellow.


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