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Sports aficionados wanting to convert their passion into something profitable should check some I9 Sports franchise info for their own advantage.

Are you a sports enthusiast who has always had the desire to turn your passion into something profitable? If so, then the I9 Sports franchise might be the perfect business opportunity for you. This is an amazing chance for you to turn your love for sport into your own business.

Of course, this would only be possible if you also have the skill to mingle with kids. What I9 Sports does is to facilitate various sports programs for the youth and make it meaningful for them such as sports leagues, camps and even after-school programs for kids for ages 4 up to 14 years old.

I9 Sports definitely does an excellent job for this purpose because they are focusing on helping kids develop sportsmanship at an early age and do it as fun as possible. At the same time, all kids are guaranteed that they will get equal playing time so no one would feel left out at all. When it comes to practice schedules, parents also do not have to worry at all because they are convenient and can even be available on the game day. So even if there are some competitions among the participants, parents and guardians would have the assurance that it is all safe and fun for the kids.

Now for the potential franchisees, you would have the benefit of starting up in low cost. If you would dig further with the details about how to get this business started, you will surely find out that this is one of the easiest businesses to set up.

What’s more, you will be assured of excellent service from those in the I9 Sports franchise department. These are not only experts when it comes to sports and coaching but also even about the business system itself so it’s a guarantee that you will learn a lot from them.

If you would like to have your first I9 Sports office at home, it is also possible to do that. The company indeed allows home-based entrepreneurs who want to start this business out on their own. Obviously, this is good for those whowant to be in control of their own time so they still have some time left for their personal and family responsibilities.

Another big reason that would also make you more enthusiastic about an I9 Sports franchise is that the statistics show that there are at least more than 100 million American citizens that are playing organized sports in an annual level. What that directly means is that you have a lot of potential customers in your area even long before you’ve opened your business.

Now the required capital for an I9 Sports franchise would be from $45.9 K up to $86.9, the franchise fee will be about $29.9K/39.9K while the net worth would have to be $100 K. Of course, a $50K liquid capital would also have to be part of the requirement.


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