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Kid to Kid is a children's resale store operating since 1992. Aside from a turn-key operation system, franchising Kid to Kid provides training for franchisees and helps on developing your business plan.

Kid to Kid was founded since 1992 and started franchising in 1994. The business is engaged in reselling children's stuffs be it books, toys, and any others.

Franchising Kid to Kid does not require relevant experience in the same line of business but having at least general business experience is an advantage.

Franchise fee for starting your own Kid to Kid amounts to $25,000 while total cost averages to $141,761 and $116,316 depending on the size of the business you want to establish. Kid to Kid does not provide financing aid to franchisees. However, the company will fully support your business plan development to help secure SBA financing which can provide you up to 70% of the initial investment needed.

Kid to Kid helps on accomplishing a concrete business plan appropriate for your franchise. It is necessary to have something to guide you on curving your path towards success.

Financial qualification is a net worth of $150,000 with cash liquidity of about $40,000 to $50,000. Royalty fee is 5% of the gross sales and other on-going fees are: 0.5% of gross sales for marketing funds, $100 per month for computer upgrades, and $100 per month for expenses such as training programs and conventions. The term of agreement is a 10 years contract.

Kid to Kid provides training involving effective marketing, inventory management, operations control and administrative management. This makes franchising a lot easier for franchisees.

Basically, marketing is affected by the scope of the operations. The larger the scope, the larger will be the market to explore and to study. Market analysis involves studying the buying habits of the prospective customers and seeks to develop competitive advantage over competitors. This is very substantial for it will direct you on where and how will your franchise achieve profitability.

Training for inventory management, on the other hand, will help you acquiring the least possible carrying cost for holding too much inventories. Stocks should be minimized and for that to happen the right forecasting techniques should be applied in determining future demands for the products.

Carrying out the day to day operations of the franchise will also be guided by the management. Kid to Kid has a turn key operation systems that will enable every franchise to operate with much certainty that it is under the standard operating procedure of the company. In franchising Kid to Kid you will also have that computerized tracking to monitor financial transactions of the business.

It is advised that at least for the initial operations of the company, six months in particular, the franchisee should actively participate in the transactions of the business.


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