How to Start Jump Bunch Franchise

JumpBunch is the perfect experience for young children since it introduces sports in a fun and exciting way.

Everything about JumpBunch has been carefully studied and researched to promote the mental, emotional and psychosocial development of the children.

Simply put, JumpBunch is a highly effective business model that brings sports to young children in a fun, engaging way. It has since molded and developed franchise owners into achieving their goals and reaching optimum potential through the business. From the music to the activities and equipment, every aspect of JumpBunch has been carefully researched and developed to be both fun and beneficial to the development of young minds and bodies. Children from across the country, from preschool through sixth grade, participate and enjoy in a wide variety of JumpBunch programs and activities. Founded in 1997 and franchising since 2002 the company has garnered a total of 31 franchisees in 33 different locations.

Since the franchise’s birth, JumpBunch has then expanded into the local community providing a unique opportunity for local owners to achieve and succeed in a striving business, plus the general positive advantage from being able to participate in childhood development. The programs and activities provide growth and optimum utilization of the child’s full potential, therefore being able to develop the learning in more than one level. The company provides only the best professional training and support, providing an effective training process that will allow the franchise owner to carefully strategize with the support staff in providing new ideas and solutions and the use of the online Extranet will make the exchange so much easier and more effective.

To start a Jump Bunch franchise, first submit the Initial inquiry form to the company site so they may learn more about your interests and qualifications after which you will be contact by phone to have an initial discussion. This is how the company will get to outline the requirements and expectations and answer all your queries. The personal profile provided by the company will determine your viability as a franchise candidate. Background checks and investigations will also be performed. After which you will invited to visit the headquarters for a day to experience first hand, the aspects of the business and also be given the opportunity to engage in a question and answer portion. After the discovery day you will leave with an FDD document that you may study before you consider. There is a 14 day waiting period that will be provided to you for your protection and legal counsel. After you have gone through the initial processes of the application, you will receive webinars and telephone instructions before a 4 day training workshop at the headquarters. The staff will continue to provide ongoing support through toll free telephone hotline, email, and more importantly The Zone, the company’s franchisee only extranet system.

The franchise fee is $30,000 for a 250,000 population count territory. There are other territories available and the company will provide you a detailed demographic analysis of the area in which you want to start your business. The startup investment usually ranges from $40,700 - $73,900 with a cash requirement of $50,000 and a net worth of more than $75,000. It has an ongoing royalty fee of 8% and a term of agreement which is renewable in ten years. Only general business experience is required and operations may be run from home. There is only need for one employee to run a franchised unit and absentee ownership of franchise is not allowed.


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