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Buying a Play N Trade franchise requires the applicants to complete the qualifications and requirements specified in the franchise information.

Play N Trade was founded in 2001 as a retail business selling new and used video games. And with its popularity among avid fans of video games, it has opened its doors for possible franchisees than can uphold the company's mission and vision in greater heights since 2003.

Play N Trade is a business that was able to pool a large number of customers over time. Their business venture was developed in a very exciting and fun concept. It has made use of the needs of the people for a modern way of past time and bonding with friends and relatives.

If you are interested to buy a Play N Trade franchise, here is the franchise information for your consideration. Play N Trade is seeking for franchisees nationwide and outside the United States, specifically in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico.
For you to start up a Play N Trade franchise, you must be ready to invest a total of $216,000 to $329,000. Your investment will go to the different expenses you will be acquiring before and during your business operation. Upon the signing of the contract, you are obliged to pay $30,000 for the franchising fee. The ongoing royalty fee is 4% of your monthly sales. The contract of franchising is valid for 5 years.

As an applicant franchisee, you must have with you a net worth requirement of $117,000 up to $214,500. As for the cash liquidity requirement, you must have at least $52,000 and a maximum of $100,000.

And since you are an aspiring businessman who is pursuing a franchising opportunity under the name of Play N Trade, they require you to have a general business experience. This requirement is very important because you would be the owner and operator of the franchise unit. And to be able to smoothly operate the business, you must have the essential skills and experience in managing different processes and transactions in a business.

After assessing your financial capabilities, business skills, and background information, the company will decide if pushing through a contractual business with each other would benefit the both of you. And if they approved of your application, you will be put into training. The training will be held in the headquarters, in the franchisee’s location, and through the virtual place as a provision for distance learning.

Play N Trade gives their utmost support to their franchisees in many ways possible. They would update you with the current studies, researches, and progress reports regarding the retail business in video games through newsletters. You will be encouraged to attend meetings and conventions to provide you with new information, knowledge, and skills related to your business. You may have access to their 24/7 toll-free phone lines to have your questions relevant to your franchise unit, answered. They will also assist you in your franchise unit’s grand opening. Also, you may now get them through the Internet with their official website.

If you have enough resources for investment you may choose to have more than one unit of Play N Trade. As a matter of fact, 31% of the franchisees own more than unit. Once you are able to acquire your own franchising unit, you must have one to two employees working for you in each of your unit if ever you have several units under your name. Play N Trade allows absentee ownership of their franchise units.


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