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Throughout the years, Cartoon Cuts has continuously provided its customers or clients with excellent service all over the United States. This may be one of the reasons on why Cartoon Cuts incessantly making an impact on the franchising industry.

Purchasing a Cartoon Cuts franchise today may be the best thing that you can do to maximize its profitability.

Before even considering purchasing a franchise of a particular franchise company, it is very important to make your study about its profitability. Determine whether you will be able to get hold of at least a substantial amount of the percentage of your investment within a considerable amount of time. Determining your return of investment (ROI) will help you in deciding whether your venture with a certain franchise company will be profitable or not.

Another thing that you should put into consideration when purchasing franchise is the history or background of the franchise company itself. You should at least know the basic things about the franchise company because you will be spending the rest of your business venture dealing with the people who run the franchise company. Cartoon Cuts’ owner has been in the telecommunication business for fourteen years before he even decided to transfer to salon industry. According to him, the reason on why he decided to migrate on the children’s salon industry is because of the changes that had happened in the telecommunications industry itself; and they are not in his favor.

Before you will be able to start your Cartoon Cuts franchise, there are certain requirements that you must meet first. For you to qualify as a franchisee you should have a net worth of $250,000 and you must also have at least the minimum amount of the total investment needed which is $97,000 on hand. You should also take note of the initial franchise fee of $25,000 and a royalty fee of 5%. The term of contract is good for ten years and is renewable.

In cases that you do not have the required amount of capital, Cartoon Cuts does not offer funding support to its franchisees however, there are other ways to raise fund for your Cartoon Cuts franchise. One is to consult the United States Federal government’s Small Business Association office and inquire about its loan program. You can also borrow money from the banks or lending firms. In borrowing money from banks and lending firms, it is important to remember that you should only borrow the amount of money that you are sure that you can pay.

Just like any other franchise company, Cartoon Cuts also provides its franchisees support in helping the franchisee to be successful. All franchisees will have to attend training at the headquarters for two weeks before even starting the operation of the business. This is to ensure that the franchisee is well-equipped with the necessary knowledge for him or her to be a successful Cartoon Cuts franchisee.

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  • Anuradha agarwal said on April 7, 2015
    I would like to set up a kids salon in India. I stay in Kolkata and it is totally a new concept. I was wanting support from your firm for this. Looking forward for business.


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