Owning a Gymboree Play & Music Franchise

With the success of its learning and developmental programs, Gymboree Play & Music franchise has continued to grow every year. The company’s franchise has grown in the country even to over 30 countries worldwide.

If you are looking for a good franchise, you can be a part of the Gymboree franchisee family.

Owning a Gymboree Play & Music Franchise is just easy. The initial franchise fee is only $45,000 and the total initial investment will only require you from $141,400 to $286,800. For the royalty fee, only 6% is required every year. The term of agreement is for ten years. Get to know more about this wonderful investment.

Because of lack of classes for young children in the year 1976 in a locality in Marin, California, Joan Barnes together with other parents thought of a great idea of having organized local classes. From then on, Barnes has become the founder of a great educational program business now known as Gymboree Play Programs. After two years of its foundation, this structured and developmental-based program for learning have become very successful. With its success, franchises began in the year 1978 and then the program continued to grow.

At present, Gymboree is offering two kinds of business models to select from. But each model depends on the needs and potential of the prospective clients who are not limited to urban and suburban markets. These centers are of full service where a wide range of developmental programming is being applied as an effective service. They have effective programs like developmental play programs by level or age, also music and art classes. The company also created centers for smaller but potential markets usually located in smaller locations. These centers are referred to as Gymboree ‘Metro’ Play Center with limited selection of programs.

Once you decided to have the franchise, you will be assisted on what will be the more appropriate programming opportunity in your area that will best earn. You will undergo a very helpful mandatory training for your initial franchise. Aside from that, you can also have the opportunity to have optional bi-annual regional trainings. Business trainings and annual meetings are also held.

Aside from the trainings that you will receive, you will also receive beneficial support from their professional staff. As a franchisee, you will be able receive support in the programs, operations, resale products, marketing, personnel, teacher training, and more. Personal support is also provided through the Internet and other connections. Regional field consultants are also assigned in order to provide one-on-one assistance.

Right now, Gymboree Play & Music has international locations in more than 30 countries. The company has become aggressive in making their international expansion through franchise to grow faster every year. However, a minimum net worth is required in order for you to become one of the franchisees. You must have at least a net worth of $250,000 where a liquid part should be at least $70,000. Be a part of this successful franchise now!


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