How to Become a Gym Teacher

If you want to become a gym teacher, you will need to finish a college degree and pass the required certifications. Without these things, you will find it hard to apply for such profession.

Make sure that you posses the necessary qualities so that you can teach effectively and efficiently. With adequate knowledge, you can be competitive enough.

Some Facts to Know

Gym teachers should provide quality physical education. This subject is already part of the curriculum regardless of the level of education. If you’re planning to become a gym teacher, you will need to pursue college education and finish a degree. Certifications should also be earned and this will depend on the education level that you prefer to teach. As the gym teacher, you will be overseeing athletic classes and this is usually carried out in gymnasiums or in fitness centers. Aside from giving gym classes, you will also have to give classroom instructions or academic portions that cover topics like diet and lifestyle choices. When you’re already a teacher, you can earn around $34,880 to $61,090 annually.

Make sure that you complete your college education. The ideal course is BS Physical Education and you can also take up majors such as health promotion, exercise science, etc. As a teacher, you should have the desire to teach younger individuals, have interest in sport, exercise, and fitness, artistic organization skills, and great communication skills. You will also need to secure a certificate for teaching. State levels handle this kind of certification. At times, gym teachers need to stand as substitutes for certain subject teachers when the need arises. Join volunteer programs especially those related to youth programs because this will put you at an advantage.

Try to inquire at the concerned state agency and determine the requirements. Make sure that you fulfill all the requirements so that you can get the certification in no time.


You may need to pay for certain fees but this is all worth the cost once you are able to obtain a great job. Teaching the younger generations about staying physically fit and healthy can be challenging since you will need to reach out to the students to make the learning experience fun and exciting. If you think you can cope with the stresses and challenges of the profession, you’re a good candidate. Physical education is already part of all levels of education. If you love kids, then you can become an elementary gym teacher. If you’re a more serious type of teacher, then you can opt for secondary or tertiary levels.

It might take some time before you can become a gym teacher but if you’re determined to achieve such profession, you can succeed as long as you’re able to finish college and earn the required certifications. Start out early and choose the appropriate college degree.


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