Starting AIM Mail Centers Franchise

AIM Mail Center is a business center that provides various services for its customers, which include mailbox rental, faxing, notary, shipping, packaging, photocopying, business card order, and selling of office supplies.

The company’s aim to expand further locations allowed it to accept franchisees who can meet the standards provided by the company.

AIM Mail Center is a business center that offers various services including mailbox rental, faxing, notary, shipping of packages, packaging, photocopying, business card order, and selling of office supplies. But now that AIM Mail Center has opened for many changes parallel to the new rising needs in the community, the company is also planning on catering more services for the people aside from the said services that they were known for.

A person can certainly come to the offices of AIM Mail Center to ask for their services because this business only gives what is due for the customers, and that is none other than the best. This company is certainly recession-proof because of its wide ranging services that people would ask for even in the times that the economy is quite low. Besides, the services offered by AIM Mail Center are very affordable that is why the customers are not hesitant in going to the offices of the company because they are always assured to get their money’s worth.

This business is indeed a recommendable on for someone who is in search for a new venture wherein he can control his own lifestyle and other business concerns without worrying about leaving his personal life behind. This business can help you become the most productive person that you can ever be with the lesser effort than expected from starting up your own business from scratch.

This is a very good time for you to decide on going for this business because the company is reportedly increasing its number of franchises nationwide. A contributing factor to this expansion is the company’s inclusion of ebay consignment services among their list of offered services for their customers. It is known that many people are presently attracted to the world of online shopping. One of the best places for them to gather and shop is ebay. That is why many are already investing on this business. It only shows how effective the company can be in the market and for all of its stakeholders, which includes the franchisee, workers, customers, the community, the environment, and ultimately the country.

You are qualified to be a franchisee if you already a general business experience. The things that you have learned from your business experiences before can help you handle the different endeavors you will be facing in the franchise unit. You must also be equipped with the enough skills in marketing to help you handle your company’s finances. As a franchisee of this business, you must have a net worth of $200,000 with total liquid cash at $45,000. The company wants to be sure that you will have enough resources to operate the franchise unit under their name.

For you to start up an AIM Mail Center franchise, you must have $134,100 to $215,400 as your total investment on this business. Your investment will be used in different aspects of your business that are specifically detailed in the contract that you have signed. You will be asked to give $26,900 for the franchising fee, which must be handed over upon signing the agreement. Next, you must be prepared to give 5% of your net income to the company as the on-going royalty fee. From the word on-going, you have to pay the said amount regularly on the agreed date stated in the contract you have signed. The contract is valid only for 15 years. But it may still be renewed upon your own discretion.



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