FRSTeam Franchise Opportunity

FRSTeam is a fabric restoration company. It specifically handles damaged fabrics due to natural incidents such as fire emergencies.

The company has been serving clients near and far, which made them decide on opening up for franchising at very affordable costs and easy to accomplish qualifications and requirements.

FRSTeam is also known as the Fabric Restoration Service Team. Just by analyzing its name you can already tell that their business is to handle fabrics that are in a way damaged. This company is strong enough to handle damages on an object that were caused by natural events. These events range from fire incidents to mold attacks. Fabrics can not do anything about these spontaneous incidents that can affect its quality in a large scale depending on the coverage of the damage.

Fabrics are very valuable materials. They are used in clothing and for beautification of furniture and houses. The designs of fabrics are carefully made by artists to please the tastes of the customers who might want to buy it. That is why if you were able to find a fabric that really got your attention in a good way, then you can most probably buy it right away and have it altered or made in the purpose you have in mind. But it is no longer in your hands if the fabric you desired was damaged in an instant. That is why FRSTeam is around to help you solve this dilemma that might be bothering you for quite some time already. No need for you to stress on those disappointing damages because FRSTeam can have it in good condition in the fastest time possible.

The company can begin its restoration move for your fabrics by conducting onsite damage assessment to have an idea on what ways they can find a solution for the level that your fabrics were damaged. If the fabric was damaged by a fire incident, they will immediately do a smoke residue and soot removal to see what is left of your fabrics. They will also perform restorative drying and stabilization to avoid further damages on your fabric. Once they already have an idea on what to do with your fabric, they will cleaned and secured so that they can already start the different remedy touches to somehow have the beauty of the fabric back or at least make it functional.
This can be a good business idea to have. This business is not a dry cleaning business just to correct the wrong notions regarding FRSTeam. This company provides restoration services to the fabrics that were damaged in any natural way. It is a feasible business idea because there households being rescued from fire emergencies in a daily basis from different locations nationwide. And it is not a surprise that they also have fabrics that can still be revived after the fire ravaged the house. That is why you can surely secure a place in the market for this business.

Start up your own FRSTeam franchise with just $32,000 up to $644,500. The company asks for a franchising fee, which costs $25,000, which can still go up to $35,000. Their on-going royalty fee is 6% of your total sales without the amounts that are automatically deducted from it.

It will be easy for you to enjoy low investment cost with this company by qualifying as a franchisee. You are in if you are found to be experienced in the industry of restoring fabrics. You must also have had a general business experience. Aside from that, the company needs a franchise that has good marketing skills. You must also be financially stable to operate such a business. Your net worth must be at $500,000. You must also maintain your liquid cash at $100,000.


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