How to Start DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Franchise

Home improvement business is one of the fastest growing and ever-expanding industries in the world today. And what better way to have your own home improvement business than DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise.

With over 235 locations around the world and 30 years experience, the room for career growth in DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise is simply unlimited.

To be part of the exclusive circle of successful businessmen, here are several things you need to know to start your own DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen.

Cost and Fees – To start your own DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise, you should be able to pass the company requirement for cash liquidity and other financial contracts that is involved in putting up a business.

A typical DreamMaker franchise will cost around $116,500 to over $395,500 depending on the territory and how big the store will be.

There is also a franchising fee of $37,000 per store you open and an on-going royalty of three to six percent annually for a period of ten years. Once the 10-year contract with the company expires, you can renew the contract instantly with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen’s top-class management.

Territory Requirement – One of the most important things that you need to know about putting up a business like DreamMaker is the population in the area. This will make or break your career.

When putting up a franchise of DreamMaker, the company will help you determine whether the area of choice is viable for business or not. A typical population requirement for a franchise is around 200,000 people or more.

Training and Support – The training for you and your employees will be conducted inside the company headquarters for a period of eight days or more, depending on the amount of information you already know about running a company like DreamMaker.

Meanwhile, the technical support will be given by DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen you even before the grand opening of the franchise. This will include feasibility studies in the location of the store, ad slicks, and newsletters, which will be sent out to people in your area to give them ample information about the store’s opening.

Also, a hotline and other online support will be on-hand upon store’s grand opening to help you cope up with the clients asking for help with their kitchens or baths.

Business Experience – You only need general business knowledge to qualify as a DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchisee. No need to be a CEO or a company president, just a drive to have a career growth with the company.


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