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Closets By Design is a company that offers consultation, organizing, and constructing service to its clients that have problems in their disarranged closet.

Many people nationwide and worldwide need their services that are why the company is open for franchising in more locations.

Have you tried looking into your closet? If you can’t seem to see all of your clothes at one look, then you might be facing a big organizing problem. The arrangement of your closet is not parallel to your gender. Many would say that women are more organized than men. But it doesn’t follow that gender has great effect on one’s organizing skills. One factor that you may count in for this problem is time. Many busy people can hardly manage their things properly. With the stress and tiredness after a whole day of work, both men and women may not have the strength or motivation to keep everything spic-and-span. That is why there is Closets By Design for the people in need of organizing their closets.

For a long time now, Closets By Design was able to get the favor of the customers through their unparalleled service for the customer’s complete satisfaction. They offer consultation services to their clients for their concerns on how to go about their chaotic closet. They pair the consultation service with complete construction and organizing services of the whole closet area. They offer these services with proper communication with the client so as to have a product that is connected to his or her personality and lifestyle. That way it would be easier for the client to maintain the end product. If in rare cases the project fails in some way, the company offers a warranty that will assure them of the prioritized regards of the company in the welfare and satisfaction of the business.

Closets By Design is known for hiring skilled and professional interior designers and consultants to help them see what is needed to be done in the problem area, which is the closet. There, the designer will help them allocate their budget properly, especially if they will be working on a limited budget only. Every design planned by the representatives will be in consultation as well with the customer to see to it that the product they will be given is what they truly like. What’s great about this is that all of the consultation and other services done by the designer is for free.

It is a great idea to have a business like this because you will be catering for many busy people who have closet problems. Many are included in the population of people in this range of attributes. You will also be working based on your people’s skills, which is of lower cost than other businesses. That is why this business is very recommendable to people who are interested and have a background in organizing and designing areas in the house, most especially the closet.

For best results, you can join the network of franchisees of Closets By Design. This business is a good move for you since they are open for franchisees in more possible locations nationwide and worldwide. You can start a business with Closets By Design in just $124,900 up to $278,400. There is also a franchising fee that has to be settled upon signing of the contract. The company charges $36,900 for the franchising fee. Also, the on-going royalty fee is only for 6% of your net income as the company’s share in your earnings from their trademark.


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