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Line-X is a leading company that offers high quality spray-on and coatings for the truck bed cover and other products like it.

With the growing number of clients of Line-X, it is now aiming to expand into more locations by franchising.

Line-X is a leading company that manufactures and applies spray and coatings for truck bed covers and several other products related to it. Their self-named spray contains elastomers polyurethanes and polyureas. These ingredients are found to create a tight and durable bond of different materials. It is one of the tested and trusted brands in the market when it comes to spray-on truck bed liners, industrial coatings, and blast-mitigation coatings. This business has been growing its number of clients yearly. Many are being amazed by how its products have changed the quality of their truck bed covers. Old trucks may turn like brand new when their bed covers are replaced by Line-X’s quality spray-on coatings. Unlike any other shops that do truck bed cover coatings, Line-X provides their service with warranty.

The joy and satisfaction that it gives to its customers is irreplaceable that is why many are availing their services here and there. But with its growing customers, it certainly needs to expand throughout various locations nationwide. And the best way to have it done is by opening up for franchising. Line-X is in need of a franchisee that has a general business experience. A franchisee that is experienced in any field of business will be in advantage because the common transactions that will be dealt with in this franchising opportunity are under similar principles only. Line-X is accepting franchisees that have excellent marketing skills to handle all of the finances and dealings of the business.

Just like any businessmen, a franchisee for Line-X must also be financially stable. With enough resources, it will be easier for you to make all of the funds and undertakings of the business revolve in all areas of the business. You must have a net worth of $150,000 and liquefied cash at $25,000 as proofs that you are indeed financially stable and capable.

Once you are granted the chance to become Line-X’s franchisee, you will be given the opportunity to operate a franchising unit under the company’s name. You will also get to use the company’s trademark products and services, as well as the tried and tested system that made the company grow into what it is now. But since the financial cost of this business is affordable and reasonable, the company is not offering any form of financial assistance to its franchisees.

The total investment cost that you will have to put up in this business is at least $130,233 up to $282,500. This will be divided into different payables in the business. One would be the franchising fee. Line-X is charging its franchisees with $30,000 for the franchising fee. They ask for a franchising fee in exchange of the rights to make use of the company’s name for business. Another one is the on-going royalty fee, which is also for the company’s part in the profit that you will get because of using the company’s name, products, and services. The company will ask for at least 3.5% of your net sales.


  • Darren Bishop said on May 27, 2012
    I am a business owner consisting of a great number of heavy equipment and vehicles. My business is in oil and gas where I know a great number of people and company's in the industry. I myself use the lineX product on all my equipment so I see the demand and the wait time associated with getting things done. I am in Strathmore Alberta and am very interested in opening a franchise. Look forward to hearing from you.
  • Lawrence LaBarge said on June 2, 2012
    I have a custom painting and landscaping business in central Va. I am in the process of having a new dump trailer sprayed with your product. All my vehicles are sprayed with Linex and would not consider any other product. I would like to be a part of your operation and know that I would be an asset as I know what it takes to succeed with this type of service.


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