Owning a Owens Corning SunSuites Sunroom Franchise

Owen Corning SunSuites Sunroom, with 65 years in the business, is definitely one of the most stable businesses in the industry.

Franchising the business requires low investment yet you can be assured for a lucrative venture.

By and larger, Owen Corning SunSuites Sunroom is involve in interior decorating business. They are known for their designing energy efficient living space and making it suitable for whatever lifestyle. Their designs are made comfortable and convenient that will sure to get the satisfaction of customers. Their business is also engaged in manufacturing insulation for both residential and commercial usage. Insulation varieties include foam insulation, roofing shingles, stone veneer, and even glass fiber.

What is good about their insulation is that it can be painted inside and out to make it fit with the interior design. There is also a wide range of design available.

Owen Corning SunSuites Sunroom franchising fee is priced at $15,000 with an on going royalty fee of 5%. Term of agreement is a 5-yar renewable contract. Qualifications are also set at $150,000 cash liquidity requirement and at having business experience either industry related, general business, and marketing skills or in remodeling business.

Required to run the business is a minimum of nine employees. In terms of ownership, Owen Corning SunSuites Sunroom does not allow absentee ownership.

Owen Corning SunSuites Sunroom has been in the business for more than 65 years now. Hence they are one of the most established businesses carrying a trusted brand and reputable name in the building products industry.

On franchising the business, the company provides training with regards to the general business operations, sales initiatives, technical production and hands on installation training. Training is essential to somehow have an assurance that everything will be carried out properly. Owen Corning SunSuites Sunroom will provide experts to conduct the training for better results.

Advertising and promotional efforts will be shared through all the franchises since it is on a national scale. In addition, marketing initiatives will be made visible within immediate communities. For a starting franchise, marketing does a lot of help on making potential customers aware of the existence of the business. It is also one way of letting them aware of their needs for the products and services that the business has to offer. This is closely linked to the purpose of sales training. Sales training is conducted to assure that marketing efforts are converted to profits to keep the business running. Most probably, the business will hire sales representatives to close buying deals between customers. They are the ones convincing potential clients to patronize the product in exchange of a guarantee that the company will sure to provide the kind of quality and services they are expecting.


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