About First Choice Business Brokers Franchise

If you wish to start a First Choice Business Brokers franchise, you must know and learn what it takes to become a great franchisee.

The First Choice Business Brokers franchise was founded in 1994 and has since grown into a hundred brokers and agents around the country, franchising since 2005.

They assist through operating methods and procedures, all types of buyers and sellers of business. They have a low initial investment, low overhead and no inventory, few to no employees, are highly expandable and scalable and are a service that most customers must use. It is a business to business only franchise with no previous experience necessary, and only runs at daytime and weekday hours. It is the largest business sales organization in Nevada.

The resilience of the industry through the economic cycles enables business owners to know the appropriate time to buy and sell businesses. These procedures rarely involve external financing and you do not have to concern yourself much with regards to interest rates.

Once you decide to become a Fist Choice Business Brokers franchise owner, there is no professional experience necessary since everything will be supplied in the training. However, it is always best to have a firm grasp on the business you plan on entering, therefore research and review will always give you a good head start.

As you choose to become a franchisee, you will receive pre training manuals, induction training at the Las Vegas headquarters and a three month Ignition Program to start up your business. Proprietary software will be supplied which allows you to post your listing and serves as the administration hub, organizing all your files. The most detailed forms in the industry will also be available to you, all of which have gone through almost every road block imaginable and are therefore rendered bullet proof.

The Individual and Master or Area Development franchises are available requiring a liquid capital requirement of $40,000, net worth of $500,000 and total investment of $75,000. Financing assistance is available via third party only. With the First Choice Business Brokers franchise you will be able to make money up front by collecting significant Franchise Fees, make money ongoing by collecting significant royalties, own the exclusive rights to your area, the satisfaction in knowing that you are helping others, professional business hours, no inventory and with a reputation with one of the most renowned companies in the business with over $3.5 Billion of businesses up to sale to date. The unique proprietary systems allow you and each franchisee under you to build a freestanding business, meaning it will be able to run without you. This will be further explained through the comprehensive training of marketing, sales, building a team of associated, franchisees and personal growth strategies.


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