About Surface Specialists Franchise

In franchising, it is an important factor to consider growth potential when deciding which business to deal with and this is the advantage of Surface Specialist Systems Inc.

The potentialities for prospering the franchise is, in the same way, high especially when managed properly and en route to the path of success.

Surface Specialist Systems Inc. was founded in 1981 and immediately started entering in the franchising business after a year of operation. This fast evolution in the main frame of the Surface Specialist proves the high demand for the services that it provides that many entrepreneurs are interested on being part of the company.

The company started as a family business that provides repair services for marble, ceramic glass, fiberglass and surfaces alike. Since the business has a high growth potential, it soon expanded to refinishing surfaces of vanity tops. With the kind of business where Surface Specialist Systems Inc. is engaged, it can be said that there is a great possibility for further expansion and integration. This made the Surface Specialist win the desire of the many entrepreneurs that are into franchising.

The capital investment required for starting the Surface Specialist Systems Inc. franchise averages from $46,000 to $75,500. This range is dependent on the vastness of the scope of operation that the franchisee will agree in. Franchising fee is $21,000 plus an ongoing royalty fee of 5%. The term of agreement is a 10-year renewable contact.

Nevertheless, there are financing institutions available that candidates for franchising may turn to should they fall short of the said financial requirement. But to secure support from financing institutions such as banks, be sure to have a good business plan. This should communicate much about how the business will be generating profit from its operation to assure them that the business will be able to pay its responsibility.

In addition, qualification also includes a net worth requirement of $75,000 and cash liquidity of $25,000. It would be an advantage if a candidate has a background in the industry for the company to have at least an assurance that the candidate has the capability of contributing success to the business. However, lacking the industry experience should not at all be a hindrance. Even at least a general business experience and some marketing experience will do since Surface Specialist Systems Inc. will be providing guidelines and will lend support for the business’s success.

Surface Specialist Systems Inc. franchise can be run from home but the company does allow absentee ownership. Human resource is not that intricate for the business only requires about two to three employees.
The possibilities for franchises to succeed as well will largely depend on the how professional does the business operate in the industry and on how it was able to earn respect and integrity.


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