How to Start American Ramp Franchise

American Ramp is a business that caters for the ramp needs of the disabled and aged people using wheelchairs.

It is open for franchising nationwide at the appropriate investment costs.

Finally, here is another business that offers assistance to the disabled and the elders by providing quality ramps where they can drive on their wheelchairs safely and securely. American Ramp is a good example of a business wherein you will gain profit and at the same time have a good feeling in helping other people in need. The concept of American Ramp is very feasible anytime and anywhere. As a matter of fact, this kind of concept is something that has been long awaited by disabled people. The lives of disabled people have been tough as it is. But with the help of the products and services of American Ramp, it was able to reach out to the lives of the disabled who are using wheelchairs for mobilization.

Joining a franchising opportunity with American Ramp is indeed a good idea because the company that you have chosen is a very well recognized one in the industry. It has earned so many awards and notations for being a business for the disabled. American Ramp got a spot at the Top 50 Fastest Growing Franchises in the United State, which was made by the The company was also situated in the fourth place in the Health Business Category of Entrepreneur Magazine. With the company’s soft heart with the disabled, it was nominated as the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Company of the Year. As the company dreams of growing and expanding in more locations across the country, it was able to be named as a Certified “Franchisee Approved” by the Franchise Research Institute. If you would only analyze these recognitions earned by the company, you will be convinced that it is indeed a perfect business to get into at any time of the year.

You will not be worried of the number of clients that you can get for your company. As the time goes by, more and more disabled people including the aged people are searching for assistance in their mobilization to and from their homes. Every client that you meet is another chance for you to contribute to the quality of life of these people. You wouldn’t even be spending too much on creating every ramp for your clients. You will be using materials that are very affordable and at the same time sturdy enough to carry the weight of a disabled on a wheelchair.

You do not have to be experienced in the construction business for you to succeed with the franchising opportunity with American Ramp. You just have to heighten your marketing skills so it will be easier for you to attract more clients everywhere. Most importantly, you have to have the heart to understand the situation and the needs of your clients. The skill in building the ramps will be given to you and your workers through trainings in the company’s headquarters for one week. Throughout your operations with American Ramp, you will be supported by the company through newsletters, meetings, toll-free phone lines, Internet, field evaluations, purchasing cooperatives, and different advertising strategies.

You can have all of those supports from the company by just having $121,800 to $204,470 for your investment. Your contract with the company is valid for ten years. It may be renewed upon expiry. Within the said contract, you are bound to comply with different financial responsibilities. The first you must settle is the franchising fee, which is only for $49,250 to $123,125. It must be paid upon signing the contract. Next is the on-going royalty fee, which is 12% of your net sales. It must be paid regularly to the company.


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