How to Distribute Business Cards

Business cards have long been used by businesses during promotions. This is the best way to give out the vital information about a company or business. It is among the least expensive options when promoting the business.

In fact, many businesses today are still using this traditional advertising method. Just make sure that you create the most suitable and professional business cards.

Promoting the Business

Business cards are still very effective in promoting your business. Perhaps you also have business cards of other businesses in your local area. If you plan to create your own business card and distribute them, you should ensure that it contains the right information like name, title, the company, address, and the contact number. The card should be able to grab the attention of the customer so you need to make an attractive, unique, and informative business card. Creating the business card is very important and you have to make the most professional-looking cards that are suitable to your business. Pick the right design that will tell the customers (at one glance) what your business is all about. Use the right font and color. You have to ensure that the designs don’t make the info blur; otherwise, the card will not serve its purpose.

The business cards can be very handy as you can present them at almost any time and place. You can put your cards in the vehicle, in your wallet, desk, and even your planner. Since ideas can come out unexpectedly, you should have the cards ready any time. The card should be presented to anyone who has something to do with your business. You can also attach the cards in your proposals and business reports – place the card inside the materials, specifically at the last page. You can offer the cards to people who attend business meetings.

Using Cards during Business Trips and Meetings

When you attend business meetings outside the country, make sure that you bring the cards. You can keep the inside the computer bag or your traveling bag. Once you meet other people, you can give them your card. Letter mailings are very important to your business and if you want, you can also include your card in the mail. Now, distribution of the cards should be done once you’ve already designed the most appropriate and effective business card. In fact, you can try two designs and distribute them. Take note of the card that got a lot of response. Next time you print out the cards, print more of the card that got positive responses.

Distribution of business cards is also possible in public area. Choose a high traffic area where you can distribute flyers. You can also give cards to potential clients that you see. At a glance, you can already tell if a customer is interested or not. Give out business cards now and carry them anywhere you go.

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  • nagaraj said on December 24, 2011
    good idea, i am in life insurance industry in india. i already distribute 5000 card , very less response. how i improve this?


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