How to Get Cheap Business Cards

If you are a businessman looking for the best business card design at a very low cost, this article will help you go through the process of developing a portfolio within the business card itself.

What makes a good business card? A good business card is like a resume. It provides the professional point of view of the undersigned while at the same time giving him/her a stylish look.

Another thing to consider in creating your business card is the cost. This article will help professionals like you understand the step-by-step process of creating the best business card that suits you.

For many years, business card design has been a subject of debate among professionals and businesses all over the world. For many, a business card should look plain and presentable to the clients just like your own resume.

And just like the resume, a business card should say it all.

However, in the past several years, business card designs have evolved from a plain white piece of paper to a more colorful and see-on-the-eyes design that helps capture the clients’ imagination.

So, How to get cheap business cards? Most of the business card designs nowadays are processed with special computer software that would make it more outstanding than earlier designs.

The first thing that you need to consider is the card interface, which includes the size, shape, and the texture of the card.

For the size, the card standard ranges from 2x2 (inches), 3x3, 1.5x3.5, and 2x3.5.

For the shape, the card can be cut into squares, the traditional rectangles, or bolder cuts such as circles and ovals.

For the texture and lamination, the card can be coated with an AQ gloss to make a soft sheen in the paper and bring out the vibrancy in colors; or a dual AQ gloss cover to give the card the satin feel; and the naturally uncoated, which brings out the natural texture of paper.

It is upon the person who will use the card which design he will choose. The design should fit his personality and profession to avoid alienating the people who will receive it.
You should also consider looking at the Internet for more designs to help you decide on what best suits you and your company.

You should also consider the “right” price when creating a business card.

When you have a colored printer in your home or office, you can create the business card on your own to avoid paying high-charges. All you need to do is buy the type of paper that you like to use in your card and print the design you have chosen.

The most accurate price for one business card ranges from $5 to $15, including the processing fee. Anything higher than that is subject to review.


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