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Home Video Studio provides the customers' video and computer needs thru a wide range of services. The company has been providing these services to its growing number of clients nationwide and outside the country.

That is why it is open for franchising as long as the franchisee can handle all the qualifications and requirements set by the company.

 In this time of newer technologies, man has many ways of capturing special and precious moments that happen only in very rare occasions. You can capture them, including yourself by asking for the video services of a trusted business. The best company to turn to in these kinds of needs is Home Video Studio. It is a company that offers multiple services for its clients from simple to complex video related tasks at affordable rates. They can offer video editing, media duplication for DVD and CD, Video and Movie transfer, video production, video tape repair, video file conversion, video coverage for special occasions, and many more. Their stores are open for the whole week, from morning to afternoon.

Actually, this business has great opportunities to reach financial success. It is very convenient to operate because even inside your home, you can already start the business rolling. It is up to you if you are willing to operate this kind of business for full time or part time because this kind of business is not that really demanding. You can easily get the hand of it especially if you have innate interest and background on videos, computers, and multimedia tools.

It is a business that has high profit opportunities because in these modern times, many are being lured into the flexible possibilities of technology. You will never be short from clients. This business was also able to touch the heart of a family in terms of treasuring and preserving memories through videos. With these good feedbacks for their services, the company is now aiming for wider location coverage to entertain more customers as possible.

In entering this kind of business, you do not have to possess the skills and experience in videos and computers. The company will have you undergo extensive training for four weeks straight in your first year of business. As a franchisee, you must also be financially stable. It will be seen thru your net worth and liquid cash. You must be able to maintain a net worth amounting to $125,000 and your liquid cash must be at $40,000 for you to be approved as a qualified franchisee.

You can already start your own Home Video Studio franchise with just having $62,050 up to a maximum amount of $123,300. The said total investment cost will help you to pay up to the different financial responsibilities that will face you within the business. These responsibilities are stated in the contract that you will sign together with the company as a sign of your commitment in the franchising opportunity. The first one among those responsibilities would be the franchising fee. This responsibility is charged to the franchisee in exchange of the rights given by the company to use their name and system to generate income. Home Video Studio asks for $25,000 only for the franchising fee. This fee must be handed over upon the signing of contract. Another financial responsibility that you must comply with is the on-going royalty fee. The said fee is asked from you as the franchisee as the company’s part in the income that you were able to earn in using the company’s name and system. You will be asked for 7% of your earnings, after all of the deductibles were removed.


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