Starting a Dance Studio Business

You and your dance instructing talents can create a business that will continue your dancing career. Starting a dance studio business can be the perfect venture that you can pursue.

You can make your interest in teaching dance and discovering dance talents a business that will surely become a hit.

Starting a dance studio business can be something that will let you enjoy your passion, produce the next dance superstar, and earn big profits. We know that the studio is where people who love to dance go and enhance their talents. They learn new techniques and the needed training from dance experts and teachers. Having a dance studio of your own can become the most popular one in your town. Here are some steps in starting a dance studio business.

First, you have to think of benefits to offer the customers. Offering introductory sessions can be an effective way to attract parents, students, and teacher to be interested in learning more about the program that you have. You can also help build the dance awareness in your area if you try to build a roster of dance students.

Next is to focus on the kind of studio that you are going to have including the location. Finding a spacious and visually-appealing space can be a good choice. As a prerequisite, you also have to consider having hardwood floors and natural lighting which is considered traditional. A strategic location can be somewhere near schools, residences, or a place where students can easily access the dance studio.

Once the dance studio and the location is set, the next thing to focus on are the assistants and some gifted students to help you teach, especially beginners. Usually, they will instruct the beginners the basics of dancing until they level up to a more expert teacher. On the other hand, some experienced dancers may even team up with the beginners so that they will identify the needed skills to learn.

Mirrors are very important fixed assets inside the studio. This is where dancers can view themselves dancing and see if they are doing the right thing or properly executing such dance position and posture. With other equipments, you can work with suppliers of dance supplies and equipments so that you can save a lot. This includes balance bars, mats, and other supplies that will fit the space. You may also build relationships with dance shoes supplier so you can have great deals and even earn by reselling them to your students.

Remember to make parents and members informed about the incentives that you will give. This will retain your students and even create referrals from them. Always be prepared with video cameras so that you can document shows and special dance moments and then compile them. You can also ask for videos from parents who took shoots from their kid’s dance. This will be a good advertisement for your studio that will create great impressions.


  • michael kanyi said on February 10, 2011
    i am a professional dancer for the last 4 years located in nairobi kenya. I've wanted to start a studio but dnt have access to funds. Please assist me achieve my dream. Thank you in advance.
  • reneen johnson said on February 23, 2011
    I am interested in starting up a dance studio to help children in my local neighborhood I don't know which way to go with this I say this because I would like to start in a church first to get students but I need help and advice to which way I go to do this. please teach me someone which way I should go on this.
  • larry Jones beginner adviser said on March 6, 2011
    First you have go decide what model you are going to use;
    a.) For.Profit
    b.) Non Profit
    Each one needs it own type of Business Plan, since I have never worked for free and hopefully you won't be either, let's stick with the For Profit Model.
    Will you be doing this alone or will your Boyfriend/Husband,Friend(s) and or Relative(s) be helping?
    Do you live in a Major City or the Suburbs?
    In putting together the Analysis of HOW to do this, the more complex questions get answered;ie, How will the Financial breakdown?,How will the Marketing take shape?, How will the Program(s) be structured? The HOW also tells you where you will offer the Program(s) initially.
    Hopes this helps a little -


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