Starting a Sports Apparel Store

Learn how to start a sports apparel store and be the most sought-after merchandiser in your locale. Know the tactics of starting up and be the owner of the most successful sports apparel store.

Sports wear nowadays are not only seen during tournaments, leagues or on out-of-the-street type of play.

It has been widely used as a fashion statement especially of the sports enthusiasts. On this note, a sports apparel store will certainly capture interest of the many sports aficionados.

But where should putting up a sports apparel store begin?

Start of a sports apparel store must deal with an efficient planning so as to achieve the goals of the business. Like any other enterprise, the financing activities should be considered first. There must be enough funding otherwise everything will not materialize the way it should be. There are different options on how we can finance the business. Either by equity financing, meaning, money spent is provided by the owner, or the debt financing which provides for the enterprise through creditors. You may also settle for hybrid financing which is a combination of the two aforementioned.

One should of course prefer a debt financing if the needed investment can’t be shouldered by the proprietor and equity financing if there is a guarantee that the owner is capable. Weight the situation and choose what side has a lower risk.

After settling the means by how to finance the business, other concerns followed: the customer, the product, the store, the management and the advertising and promotional aspect.

On the customer side, it is advisable to analyze their needs and wants. Either they want officially licensed apparel, jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts or the likes. It must be clear that the purpose for starting up the business is to sell as many apparel as possible. And selling of course relies on the satisfaction of the customers. To be able to serve a larger market, there is a need to cater an even larger variety of products.

Decide what line of apparel the business will have—apparels for professional or semi-professional sports or both? For men, for women, for kids or a combination? Either way, what is also of great importance is the quality we are to offer to the customers. They need to feel the sense of assurance that what they are buying equates to the money they will be spending. Much more, it should even exceed their expectation by providing them the comfort and fit that they look for. More so, affordability is an aspect where the business should not fail.

Next to consider are the suppliers. Be sure of the reputation they have for it is our only assurance with regards to their performance. The quality of our products starts at the quality that the suppliers render.

The location of the store must be strategically planned. This will somehow dictate the number of customers that we may attract. A creative store layout will also help in attracting customers. This will, in addition, help the effectiveness of the advertising plan. In promoting the store, tactics should be cool enough to attract the target market.

Proper management of each of these factors contributes to the success of the business. Serve with a guarantee of quality, customers will nonetheless choose us among the stream of competitors—it will also be helpful to study the strategy of the competitors.

All in all, a good start aided with proper management will definitely lead to a profitable business.


  • jay said on October 1, 2012
    I'm in rockford IL USA starting a sports jersey store any pointers? on suppliers seem adidas is in a jam and now they own reebok.
  • Larry said on January 6, 2014
    i am in Zimbabwe and starting a sports and adidas seem to have hooked the market
  • John said on February 13, 2014
    In Jamestown, NY. Looking to open up a sports apparel, team based merchandise and collectibles shop in town. Have a lot of collectibles already in stock from years of collecting but would like to also get into team apparel. Have a location set if I want(family building. any advice?
  • Murray Williams said on September 16, 2015
    I'm looking into opening a business on the campus of the University of Connsctucut in Storrs, CT
  • Resse said on February 4, 2016
    Charlotte, Nc 18 year old with dreams of opening a sports apparel store already have a business plan , any tips


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