How to Become Sports Agent

Do you want to become a sports agent? This is a very challenging career and even if it doesn’t have educational requirements, it pays to know a great deal about sports and managing athletes or team.

There are registration and certification requirements that you have to comply in order to practice the profession legally. Make sure that you comply with all these things so that you can have a successful career.

Decide Now

Do you want to represent amateur and professional athletes? If you do, then you should become a sports agent. As an agent, you will be responsible for negotiating salaries, give career counseling, and obtain media attention. Since this kind of career can be very demanding, you must have exceptional interpersonal skills and time flexibility. Here are the step by step instructions on how to become sports agent.

It’s up to you whether you will take up related courses like sports management. Accredited universities offer these courses but there is no specific educational requirement for this career. However, you can be at an advantage if you have a thorough understanding of the managing athletes and about sports in general. To work legally, you will need to register which includes paying for certain fees and take examinations. Since registration is different among states, you will have to inquire about the process. Another thing that you have to obtain is certification and this will depend on the sports where you concentrate. Such certification should be maintained for as long as you act as sports agent.

Keys to Success

To become successful, you should be knowledgeable enough on the sports that you choose to concentrate. Determine the rules as well as the regulations. Once you become a sports agent, you will start negotiating contracts for the teams and athletes; at the same time, you will also secure endorsements. You should have great speaking skills so that you can maintain good relationships with the athletes; this will ensure effective performance of your duties. Try to work with a sports agency in your area and begin networking. As a registered agent, you can already start your own management business. As long as you clients are satisfied with your services, you will attract more clients in the future. Getting internship is very important to get hands on experience. Since there are legal aspects concerned, you can seek legal help.

When it comes to salary, it can vary. As the agent, you can charge clients for time, percentage, flat fee, or combinations of these fees. If you’re handling average players, you can earn $51,000 to $126,000 annually whereas if you handle top athletes, you can earn $300,000 to $750,000 annually. If you become an intern in the top sports agencies, you will be able to meet potential clients. In fact, the agency can also help you in establishing your own career as an agent. Work hard and you will surely be able to have a better future.

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  • Lee said on February 9, 2010
    Hi there - I am in Central Ohio - and would love to become a Sports Agent. I have an MBA in Business, know a lot about most sports....can someone give me any tips? - email me please.


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