Steps to Creating a Media Kit

Are you planning to launch a business? If you are, then you would benefit greatly from developing a media kit. This is an excellent way to make the media people hungry for your business.

Follow the steps so that you will know how to go about the development of your media kit.

Steps to Follow

Creating a media kit requires creative marketing in order to develop the best design and content. The basic media kit usually consists of the company backgrounder and press release. The basic kit will only become effective if it is used strategically to attract a defined audience like that of market analysts, editors, and reporters. The media kit will serve as your keeper and it would be best to create them before you launch a business. If you want to excite media people, you should create the media kit prior to the launch.

You will need to get images that will represent you, perceived ideas, and some product facts. What is the kit’s main point? The media kit’s front page is very important. This will create the very first impression for your business. For instance, if you’re selling wine, the image on the cover can be YOU holding a glass of wine. The image should suit the type of business that you want to launch. After the cover, you will now create a bio where you will include just the most important personal background, your goals, why customers should want the product, and why you are best person to offer it.

The press release should include overview info of your business and products/services. Also, put some bio details (don’t repeat the ones you’ve written before the press release), and where the customers can get your products or service. Try to include one link that will point your prospects to various web addresses where they can obtain additional information about business. The extended product/service views can touch on info about the location, price, perks, and other related statistics. If you’re launching a new product, explain why such product is the best.

More Add-ons

Product reviews should also be included in the media kit. Make sure that the reviews are positive so that you can convince your customers to get it. Don’t forget to discuss about the target market so that the readers will better understand the sector that you’re trying to penetrate. Organize upcoming events and be sure to include them in the media kit. Customers will be more interested in purchasing a particular product if the business owner makes himself available. Try to add contact info as well and make the finalizations on your computer. Save the file in a disc and make sure that you make the necessary updates from time to time. You can also convert it to PDF files.


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