How to Start Oxi Fresh Franchise

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Franchise has the best carpet cleaning technology in the business. With its natural way of cleaning and purifying, Oxi Fresh has climb its way up to the business ladder.

And now, the company is looking for qualified business partners for its expansion plans in the United States.

One of the things that you need to know in starting your own Oxi Fresh franchise is how doing business can help Mother Nature recuperate. Oxi Fresh has developed a high-tech way of harnessing and using oxygen in cleaning carpets. It is safe for kids and pets, and is not harmful to nature in any way.

Here are several things that you need to know in starting an Oxi Fresh franchise:

Nature-friendly – The company is now in the frontline of environment-friendly businesses in the world. With its superior and evolutionary carpet cleaning technology, Oxi Fresh has provided millions of Americans with safer and cleaner homes not only for children but for pets as well.

Low Cost Business – Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is one of the most cost-efficient franchises in existence today. Only a little overhead expenses are required by the franchisor if you want to open a franchise.
The total cost and fees in opening a franchise would range from $27,900 to $32,500. The franchising fee is around $27,900 and a very low royalty fee of $295 a month will be charged by the franchisor. The royalty fee is relatively low compared to 10 percent being charged by other businesses.

Equipment – The equipment will already be included in the franchising fee that you will hand down to the franchisor. All of the equipment is portable, thus, eliminating the need for a service van every time that you will do cleaning service to your customers.

Oxi Fresh will already give you two OF1000 carpet cleaning machines and one Oxi Fresh Upholstery cleaning machine, which are all included in the startup package being provided by the franchisor when you qualified as a franchisee.

Expansion Plans – If you want to expand your territory of business, Oxi Fresh will provide you additional machines for your business at a very low cost. Carpet cleaners cost only $2500 each while upholstery machines cost around $950 each.

Training and Support – Trainings for you and your employees will be held at the company headquarters. It is free of charge since the amount will already be included in the franchising fee.

Other support like hotlines, customer care service, and grand opening days will be taken care by the franchisor making it easier for you to acquire huge clientele in your area.

Regional marketing, Coop advertising, and national media exposures will also be given to you as part of the seven year business contract with Oxi Fresh.


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