Open a Cleaning Authority Franchise

If you want to be the best in the multi-billion dollar home-cleaning industry, you should definitely buy a Cleaning Authority franchise.

With superior office and home-cleaning techniques, the company has been the place of destination among millions of American home-owners today.

Founded in 1977, Cleaning Authority has made millions of Americans happy with its first-class cleaning service and outstanding dedication to customer satisfaction. A recurring cash-based business, Cleaning Authority is first choice among families that are time-strapped but are very demanding with the type of service they acquire. By opening a Clean Authority franchise, you can be part of the rapidly expanding $46-billion cleaning service industry.

If you want to open a Clean Authority franchise, you should bear in mind that there are several things that you need to have before the company will allow you to start your own unit.

The first thing that you need to do is to fill out an application form that you can find online. You can also ask for an application form, which you can send directly to the company.

The company will then review your credentials to see if you are fit to open a Cleaning Authority franchise. This includes liquid capital, business experience, and overall business plans for your franchise.

In terms of business experience, you don’t need to be an expert in accounting and business management, all you need a general knowledge and good people skills and the company will take care of all the training you need to be an independent franchisee.

If you do not have enough liquid cash to start your franchise, the franchisor allows third-party financing to help you pay the total investment cost of $84,000 to $129,000. The amount will already include the $31,500 to $49,500 franchising fee.

The franchising fee will last for up to ten years and can be renewed should you wish to continue running the franchise. A royalty fee of six percent, on the other hand, will be deducted to your annual revenue once you already established your own Cleaning Authority franchise.

Also include in the franchising fee are the trainings and support that you need in running your own franchise. The support service of Cleaning Authority is world-class and time-tested.

There is also exclusivity in the territories that you operate in to avoid conflicting with other franchisees. The company will give you clientele support to help you build up your customer list and have a more fruitful career in the home-cleaning industry.

Other support also includes ads slicks, national television and radio advertisements, hotlines, and even grand opening days. And with millions of customers in the US alone, opening your own Cleaning Authority business is a sure way to success.
The return of investment in one Cleaning Authority franchise is simply unprecedented. The home-cleaning industry is now considered as one of the more viable business opportunities in the US, especially with the economic luster being put back to many states.


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