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Office Pride Commercial Cleaning has come a long way to reach its success at present. And it will be a great decision for interested applicants to join their franchising networks because they can get a lot of benefits from it aside from regaining the company’s name and reputation.

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning services is started from the study of its founder Todd Hopkins.

Through his study, he realized that there is a need for a commercial cleaning system in the industry. And he believes that with his initiative, he can create a profitable cleaning services company to serve the people. And so in 1992, Hopkins established Office Pride with the aim of being successful in a business that is guided by the Lord’s grace in providing cleaning systems for different companies. With all of his efforts to make his business work, now Office Pride is already known all over United States.

They were able to meet their philosophy of not being the biggest cleaning company but be the best cleaning company in America. At present, Office Pride has more than 100 franchise units in different places in America. Through all of their endeavors from their humble beginnings, they certainly deserve grabbing a spot at the 2008 Entrepreneurs Franchise 500 list of best franchising companies in America. And now that they have claimed the trust of the population in America, they believe that they can grow more by accepting franchisees to uphold their mission and vision as a top commercial cleaning company.

Since 1996, Office Pride has been welcoming franchisee applicants nationwide and in selected exclusive territories. They require their franchisees to have a total investment cost of $14,000 to $35,500. Once you have agreed on the terms and conditions provided by the company, you must pay them $8,500 for the franchising fee. Throughout your contract, you will be paying up 9 percent of your total sales to the company for the on-going royalty fee. The contract is valid up to 15 years and is renewable upon expiry.

To be a qualified franchisee, you must be able to present various evidences that your net worth is amounting to at least $50,000. You must also have liquefied cash at $2,000.

Once you already have your own franchising unit, you are to hire 10 employees to be able to operate. You may also choose to run your business at your home. Office Pride is also encouraging their franchisees to acquire more than one franchising unit if they feel that they can still manage for more units. Currently, the company has 10% of all its franchisees owning more than one franchise unit. But you will not be allowed to go for absentee ownership. It means you must be a hands-on owner and operator to oversee all the transactions coming in and out of your business.

The company will send you in several training opportunities regarding business related skills. Your training at the headquarters will last until one week. And as for your training at your location, it will be for one week as well. Do not be bothered of working on the business independently because the company will see to it that you will get all the support you might need through the Internet, meetings, security and safety procedures, and field operations and evaluations.


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