Starting a Caltex Franchise

The Caltex franchise is the ideal business opportunity for those that share the same goals as the company, which is to run a business that has little competition yet high profit margins and unlimited growth capabilities.

The Caltex business specializes in specialty cleaning, restoration and remediation products and produces on the safe, non toxic, biodegradable and organic products that are proven not only effective but also environmentally safe.

It is because of this principle that Caltex is one of the most sought after businesses in the restoration industry.

Caltex Dealers are determined to establish their own business and therefore work for themselves. The low upfront costs are ideal to those beginners in the entrepreneurship field. The proven effectiveness and success of their unique business model will assure prospective franchise owners of their investment.

The business offers numerous opportunities including mold remediation for both outdoors and indoors, roof cleaning for wooden shakes, masard roof, cement tiles, asphalt shingles, metal roof, barrel tiles, and slate. Other services such as stone restoration for sandstone, flagstone, concrete, marble, blue stone, crick and brick paver stones. Some exterior services such as exterior house washing for gutter cleaning, aluminum siding, window screens, vinyl siding, windows, and stucco, air-conditioning coil cleaning, exterior building cleaning are available. They also offer odor elimination, carpet and floor cleaning, ceiling cleaning, wood restoration such as cedar shakes, cedar siding, deck cleaning, awning cleaning and stain extraction, smoke and fire restoration. Their boat cleaning services are a one step program for hulls, boat electronics, fiberglass, teak, and floatation devices.

Upon application and approval of your application to the Caltex franchise business opportunity, the dealer will attend a home study course and intensive training program that aims to improve the overall outlook on the business, focusing on startup operations, product pricing, marketing strategies, the actual business model, selling options, customer acquisition and retention, operations management, and maintenance of the overall business.

Upon completion of the startup training program, the new Caltex dealers may participate in the support staff’s unique partnership training program that pairs Caltex operators with more experience to those new owners. This way the new dealers will be able to acquire strategies, techniques, and procedures from those that have already established themselves in the market. Aside from this program there are other ongoing support types such as the regional meetings and annual conventions, wherein new markets, products, equipment, business tools, procedures and processes will be shared to the franchise community to ensure that all their products and services are of the best and highest quality and of course up to date.

The Caltex business opportunity requires a total capital investment of at least $35,000 to $40,000 with no liquid capital requirement. Franchise support includes, Financial assistance, training and ongoing support.


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