How to Start a Comet Cleaners Franchise

A Comet Cleaners franchise can be started easily if you will conduct research regarding the business and study its industry.

Comet Cleaners is one of the leading dry cleaning businesses in the United States because of the innovations that it contributed in the industry.

It is because of these innovations that Comet Cleaners had become a well-known dry cleaning business not only to the customers but also to other manufacturers concerned in dry cleaning industry.

Before everything else, it is very important that you familiarize your self with the current trend in the dry cleaning business. Conduct researches on the current market and how other dry cleaning businesses operate. You can say that you are ready to start a Comet Cleaners franchise when you already have sufficient knowledge in the field of dry cleaning.

One of the important things in starting a Comet Cleaners franchise is determining how much money you will be able to provide in order to have a sufficient capital. In the United States, the franchise fee for one standard Comet Cleaners franchise is $25,000 and the initial investment is more or less $250,000. There is also a monthly royalty fee of $250.

The required cash or liquid assets requirement in starting a Comet Cleaners in a certain location is $100,000. But in cases that you are having difficulty with regards to the funding, company will provide you the necessary information on how to get help from lending institutions. You must also make sure that you will be able to pay the interest or fees because you do not want to end up being in debt early on your business.

Also, Comet Cleaners provide their franchisees a comprehensive training program on how to run the business successfully. This will help you in learning the basics of running a dry cleaning business. Comet Cleaners will also provide you the steps on how to gain clients. Comet Cleaners also recommend seeking advice from people who currently own a Comet Cleaners franchise about the current processes involved in the business such as marketing, sales volume, and tips in running the business.

Aside from the training program that Comet Cleaners provides its franchisees, it also provides a place where you can get all your dry cleaning supplies. This is what they call a “one-stop-shop” for all the supplies needed in the business.

After you have thought all of the things that needed to be considered and decided that you will start your Comet Cleaners franchise, the first step you will do is to complete a no-obligation application sheet. After completing the sheet, you will then have to meet with a Comet Cleaners representative and he will give you the Uniform Franchising Offering Circular. Then, you will have to sign the franchise agreement.


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