How to Start a House Cleaning Business

Starting a house cleaning business is a good way to earn money. It is also a good way to help homeowners to clean up their homes and assist them with the housekeeping.

With the right tips, people can start their house cleaning business much easier and effectively profitable.

Importance of Hiring Housekeepers

Nowadays, people and families are very stressed out in working in their daily jobs. After the 12 hours of working, feeding, and putting the kids to bed, the very last thing that they would want to worry is cleaning their home. Their weekends are for running errands as well as spending quality time with their family members and friends. Therefore, homeowners are looking for housekeeping assistance. In the past, housekeeping assistance is seen to be like scullery maids, however, today, housekeeping assistance is such a good business. They have reached a certain level of well deserved respect for their appreciated services. To start a house cleaning business is simple and easy. This can be built with just a small amount of capital cost but it can be a highly profitable work.

Things to Do

The first and foremost thing that you should do before looking for your first client is to create a well thought-of business plan and understandable policy. You must think of your business name. The name must display sophistication and professionalism. Once you have decided your business name, the next thing that you should do is to get your business insured. Insurance is one thing that your business must have. This eases both yours and your future clients’ mind when hiring your service.

Once you have your company’s insurance policy, the next one that you should do is to obtain a copy of police record and background check. It is best if you don’t have any police record. You can have the form that says no record on it. Next is to organize your information packet. This will make your housecleaning business professional. The information packet consists of printouts of your business’ procedures and policy, background check and insurance, list of references, and samples of work order.

When advertising your house cleaning business, it is a best to choose business cards that are professionally printed out. On your printed business cards, you must include the name of your business, address, and telephone number. Do not put something like Cheap or free estimates, or something like that. Your business card can be placed in supermarkets, community centers, and libraries’ bulletin boards. You may want to present your house cleaning business professionally. Aside from bulletin boards, you can also run your ad in the local newspaper. This can save you money on designs and graphics. Keep in mind that business card, is far more attractable than worded ads.


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