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As our economy went down, we all are looking for financial security that will help us to earn money with very minimal capital. Maid to Perfection is the franchise that will help us to get over the crisis.

Maid to Perfection is what you need to your homes or to your offices. This company is a franchisor for cleaning services, when your things to be tidied, spruced or straightened.

It has already about 300 franchise units in about 26 in US states and in Canada. They do everything from the cleaning of carpets, polishing and waxing of hard wood, they also do sink cleaning, even vacuuming, and cleaning of windows. They do all this either to residential or commercial customers.

Maid to perfection was incorporated 1983, it was then named Midy Tidy. And in 1990, its name was change and it began its selling franchises. Because Maid to Perfection offers to both residential and commercial clients, its franchisees enables them to cross market to various group of costumers, which made them in keeping the sales up even in the hard times. The good news here is that with our down economy, this franchise is a low-investment opportunity. Plus the Maid to Perfections is offering a 100% financing on other additional territories.

Here are some benefits you can avail, once you chose Maid to Perfection:

  • Its working time is family friendly.
  • It is a franchise system which proven good.
  • It is a ground level entry.
  • Its franchise and royalty fees are very low.
  • It doesn’t require advertising fees.
  • It has a low total of investment level.
  • Its start-up capital requirements are also low.
  • The cost of operation and overhead are also low.
  • It has access to the top level management.
  • You are to choose of the prime territories.
  • Car rentals or buying is not a requirement.
  • Your protected territory is exclusive.
  • You have protection when you want to expand your program.
  • You are of competitive advantage.
  • They can provide you with services with custom-design.
  • They provide individual assistance and attention.
  • It financing is available on expansion
  • And you have 50% off to every additional units you can to avail.

Maid to perfection will let you use their detailed business plan, for you to be able to evaluate every opportunity that arises then eventually take one step at time in following the plan. Remember, it is not the size of territory that you buy that matters, rather it is the number of the different markets where you have access within the territory, that will for sure will lead you to profit.

To give you an idea of the minimal cost you have to spend for this franchise is as follows. Your total investment is only about $54,935-$62,635. Its franchise fee is $15,000 and the royalty fee is 4%-7% only. Your liquid capital is about $55,000 and your net worth is $80,000.


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