About Sir Grout Franchise

Sir Grout provides thorough and distinctive grout and tile cleaning, restoration and sealing services for your home or business.

Its goal is to provide customers with only the best and quality results that go way beyond their initial expectations.

Care and maintenance of grout and tiles has proved a tedious task especially considering the busy day to day lifestyle of working people. These people lack the luxury of time to provide the proper maintenance and do not even have the qualified expertise for it either, thus leading to the speedy wear and tear of the grout and tile at the home or business. Therefore with Sir Grout you are not only given the opportunity to benefit from clean or restored tiles but you will also be subjected to the custom color sealing process which makes the grout lines easy to maintain and clean.

The Sir Grout franchise provides you with the unique opportunity to not only provide an economical and effective tile and grout restoration but most importantly enables you to have your own financial independence which is inclusive of presenting your own style and having your own financial freedom through owning your own business. You will be able to adapt your own techniques in managing your own business. No pre requisite is necessary since the franchiser will be trained the basics in business management.

The franchise package includes use of the company’s outstanding and innovative products, an exceptional customer service, continual product development, superior beginning and opening training programs, a specialized marketing strategy that attracts customers to your business, and the assurance provided through the company founders and staff, all of which are only the best and qualified in their field with a proven track record in the major aspects of business including sales training, marketing, business development and personnel development.

The total investment required is $63,410 - $118,710 with an initial franchise fee of $25,000. The ongoing royalty fee is 6% with a 7 year renewable term of agreement. The net worth requirement is $200,000 with a cash liquidity requirement of $50,000. The Business experience required is general business experience with marketing skills. As per operations, the franchise may be run from home and 50 % of all franchisees own more than one unit. The number of employees needed to run a single franchised unit is 3-4 persons. Absentee ownership of franchise is not allowed and 100% of the current franchisees are both owners and operators of the business. Training is at the company headquarters or training facility for ten days, ongoing support is in the form of newsletters, meetings, and internet where you will be continually updated with regards to the latest news and trends in the industry. Marketing support is through co-op advertising and ad slicks.


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