About Mint Condition Franchise

Take one-step higher to prospering your entrepreneurial career by franchising Mint Condition.

They require low-cost investment and provide adequate management support, advertising and promotional initiatives, training programs and staffing support for the success of your business.

Franchising is less of a risk compared to initiating a new line of product or service.

Franchising somehow gives security on the part of franchisee in venturing investment. It is of great importance to carefully choose the business that you are to franchise. Seek for those with reputable names in the business. Meaning, they remain consistent on providing quality products or services. Likewise, choose the one that will insure you in terms of profitability and long-term success.

There are actually wide streams of businesses that can be franchised. But only few can really make an impact in terms on the return on investment, which determines the profitability of the business. That is what Mint Condition will guarantee you.

On a larger perspective, commercial cleaning industry is huge and recession-resistant. Hence, more entrepreneurs are venturing into this business. Mint Condition is part of this industry.

One of the advantages of Mint Condition is that they are equipped with the latest technology in terms of cleaning. They use microfiber system that assures total cleaning solution.

They also provide their customers with HEPA-filter vacuum for quality indoor air. Their services can be customized depending on the need and budget of the customers and the capacity of a specific franchise.

Franchisees may choose between a master franchise opportunity or a unit-cleaning opportunity. The Mint Conditioning Master Franchise Concept is a tried and tested business model that it even took eight years to perfect the operational system. Their business procedure is more responsive, consistent and reliable that is standard in the industry. Acquiring a Master Franchise involves selling commercial cleaning, contracting and recruiting clients, and training the needs of individual franchise owners.

Mint Condition also provides training to franchisees. The training program is not only for start up businesses. It is a continuous program provided by the parent company to maintain consistency on work ethics and assure efficiency on business methods. More so, they extend management support to their franchisees, which includes installation of the business procedures.

The company make available also of centralize marketing plan for a collective advertising and promotional effort. This is indeed important for preparatory businesses since it ensure them of a wide-scope approach to marketing.

On the other hand, it is in your accord as a franchisee to decide on the options that they are to provide to you. Like in financing your business, the decision depends on you whether to individually finance the business or to seek for other financial sources. Mint Condition make available also of in house financing.

Franchise fee is about $3,000 - $22,000 and the total investment that you need is about $4,890 - $45,400. To be qualified as a franchisee, you need cash liquidity of $500 - $6,000.


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