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Greeks On Call is an expert business specializing on providing quality services for the people's technology needs.

They are accepting franchisees nationwide who have enough industry and general business experience.

In 1999, Geeks On Call was started by Richard T. Cole. It made business out of the idea of providing on-line assistance services for people who are having trouble in with their system security, computer parts and software repairs, troubleshooting of programs and applications, installation of software and internet connections, removal of virus, transferring and making back-ups for files, and many more.

As the technology breaks into several dimensions, allowing people to have more access to different bodies of information, it requires extra care and protection from each of them. And that can be made possible by Geeks On Call. They have on-line technicians and technology experts who can give assistance to people who need help regarding their technology problems. All of their customer assistance lines are open 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.
With the growing number of people calling in to ask for assistance regarding their technology needs, there has been a call for widening of the business. And so, Geeks On Call is accepting franchisee applicants since 2001. In their offer for their franchisees, they promised a lot of benefits that come along a franchisee’s commitment with the company. They will be giving you the rights on using their tried and tested system to ensure that you will be able to provide the same quality of services for your clients. Your employees are certified experts in the IT industry so you will be sure that all of your clients will receive the assistance that they really need. Plus, Geeks On Call franchise is not that costly. And so, if you are planning to start a Geeks On Call franchise, here are the information you will need to start success working for you in no time.

For you to open up a Geeks On Call franchise, you will need to invest at least $59,200 up to $90,500. Your investment will be used in many aspects of your business. And among those aspects would be for the franchising fee and the on-going royalty fee. As for the franchising fee, you must give the company $25,000 upon signing the contract. Also, included in the contract that you have signed with Geeks On Call is the on-going royalty fee. You will give the company 11% of your earnings as their share by letting you make use of their systems in gaining profits. The on-going royalty fee must be paid to the company on a regular basis depending on the agreed date stated in the contract. The contract is valid up to ten years only. But once the contract expires, you can easily renew it with the company.

On the other hand, as a franchisee, you must be responsible enough to keep your liquid cash at $18,000 up to $20,000. Make your credentials even stronger by accompanying your net worth with a substantial industry and general business experience. That is to ensure that somehow you also have the basic skills of a businessman to manage all the operations smoothly.

What’s great about having Geeks On Call franchise is that you can operate it at the comfort of your home. That is if you have enough space and silence at least at one part of your home so you can handle all the calls conveniently. And if you think you can gain more profits with more franchising units, you can always acquire more units from the company. Through the time that they have been accepting franchisees, 30% of Geeks On Call franchisees have more than one unit. You can already start operating with at least 2 employees working for you. Remember, get only the qualified people to work for you to maintain the quality of services of your business.



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