Starting a Wholesale Computer Business

Starting a wholesale computer business is fun and exciting. This is one industry that has boomed in the recent years and is still growing by the day.

The computer industry is one of the most competitive businesses in recent times. It is continually updating and evolving and new versions and updates and being released from time to time.

Almost all establishments and houses have at least one computer. Definitely there is a wide market in this kind of business and with the right business plan. Sound marketing strategies should be on top of your list because in a world of a very competitive market you must realize that you should be on top of the many wholesaler distributors of computer parts and accessories. With these two factors you are definitely on your way to success.

If you are a neophyte businessman and not much into computers then you can start by studying and grasping everything about computers, from hardware’s, software’s and accessories. By doing this you are familiarizing yourself with the industry that you are getting into. If you are into computers and consider yourself to be techie then it’s a plus factor for you.

There are several ways to come up with a wholesale computer business: you can run a wholesale computer store, an online wholesale computer business or you can do it as a home base wholesale computer business. Either way, wholesale selling of computers can be fun and exciting. A wholesale computer business that has a store is a good way to start. This is a simple way of letting your customers see the exact product/s that they are eyeing to buy. It is also a way of explaining all the features of every computer product/s on a personal level. An online wholesale computer business is also another way of attracting more customers. This is the easiest way of attracting more customers around the globe. With just a click of the mouse your online store is accessible and can be seen in all parts of the globe and best of all you can do business 24/7. A home base wholesale computer business can also be done at home. This is a way of doing business in the comforts of your own home just make sure that you have enough storage room for your stocks of computer products, computer parts and accessories.

Where do you get the products that you would like to sell? Get in touch with the manufacturers of computers, computer parts and accessories. Stay abreast with what’s the latest in the business. Conduct surveys on what’s the most in demand brand names in the computer industry and make sure that you offer them in your wholesale computer business.


  • manish said on March 7, 2011
    Hi, What kind of a survey can I do to check the current market and other wholesaler for computer parts in a small town. And what are the typical margins one has in computer wholesale industry? Thank you,
  • Mohammed Anas said on September 9, 2011
    can you provide a business plan in wholesale computer parts and accessories for a small town. Ottapalam Kerala India
  • Nancy said on January 20, 2012
    where can I buy products to sell for my online computer wholesale business
  • saneesh said on July 4, 2013
    hi I am a computer engineer I would like to start wholesale computer accessories and services in thrissur where I get good price for computer accessories pls let me know
  • Leonard said on July 31, 2013
    Hello, i would like to start a computer & accessories business in southern africa. the Market is huge and competitors are negligible. however i need information on how to import the parts. can anyone help being a mentor or a partner? please contact thank you
  • Akzer said on January 1, 2014
    Hi i am a starter with computer wholesale business. could you please suggest me some of the strategies that i can introduce in order to improve my business in a fast pace
  • Harshad said on March 28, 2014
    Hello, I want to start wholesale computer & accessories Business in Pune. could please send me business plan for it. Thanks & Regards; Harshad
  • sanjeev said on June 28, 2014
    can you provide a business plan in wholesale computer parts and accessories for a City Chandigarh. where can I buy products to sell for my online computer wholesale business
  • kamal masood said on July 2, 2014
    Dear Sir, We are looking Used Computers 40 Fit Container load Desktop Laptops Lcd Hard Disk Ram and Accessories in a bulk Quantity if you have anything Please do let me know and Send me Stock Lot Inventory About these Items Thanks. Regards, Kamal masood Purchasing Officer,, NWT Trading Company, Office No 640 Regal Plaza, Saddar Karachi Pakistan, Cell # 0092 300 372 5300, Cell # 0092 334 338 2334 Fax # 0092 21 4943623
  • Somendra Verma said on July 11, 2014
    hello can u tell me how much capital required in starting this business and where can I purchase computer accessories.
  • Sushil Kumar said on April 2, 2016
    I want to start a business of wholesale deal of computer parts
  • Mangesh said on April 5, 2016
    I want start computer parts wholesale business please provide price list.
  • ajesh said on April 16, 2016
    I want to start computer accessories shop in perumbavoo, kerala. Where can i get accessories with wholesale price
  • Emmanuel said on May 21, 2022
    What company can you recommend I get a laptop I can sell as a wholesaler starter, please? I want a reliable source.


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