Open a Color Me Mine Franchise

Color Me Mine, is known in the contemporary ceramic industry for providing pain-it-yourself service.

To be a qualified franchisee, there are easy to accomplish requirements and qualifications which include very affordable investment cost and franchise fee.

Color Me Mine Background

Since 1991, Color Me Mine has been famous for being the world’s largest paint-it-yourself ceramic business. It provides a good venue and creative ceramic artworks for the people who are interested to bring out the artist in them. Their business is an open house for everyone who would love to use their time painting away through the hundreds of ceramic items available for coloring.

Color Me Mine has also entered the business of providing painting activities for different events such as birthday parties. In their party packages, they provide for all the needed art materials such as the ceramic paint, paint brush, and the ceramic item. After the people have done designing their chosen ceramic items, Color Me Mine will have it in their studio to be heated and glazed. It will be returned to the makers after it’s been cooled in the studio. In the end, the customers will received their finished product of plates, mugs, bowls, frames, vases, and many more.

Why should you get a Color Me Mine franchise?

Color Me Mine is already a strong business name and reputation to start with. You will not have any more worries with the fear of having your business be out of the market because Color Me Mine have established itself for quite some time now with many customers in different parts of the world such as Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, South Korea, Kuwait, and Australia. The numerous studio branches of Color Me Mine just show how many people are willing to patronize its products and services as well as it franchising opportunities. If you choose to be a franchisee of Color Me Mine, you’ll have the chance of being your own boss and be given the chance to be trained by experts in the ceramic painting industry.

What are the qualifications to be a Color Me Mine franchisee?

A franchisee must be experienced in handling any business operations. Experience in ceramic painting is not a must, but it would be a plus. It is also important to have excellent marketing skills because the franchisee will be in dealing with people and how to encourage them to come to your studio.

How much is a Color Me Mine franchise?

As a start, you must have a total investment amounting to at least $138,600 and a maximum of $181,300. You’ll only be paying for a one-time franchise fee which is $30,000. The franchise fee will be given only upon the signing of contract. There are some on-going fees that are expected within the time of contract. The royalty rate is set at 5%. You will also be contributing for the cost of materials and development fee for 1% of your sales. You are to apportion 2% of your sales for your own marketing and advertising plans. Part of Color Me Mine’s support for its franchisee is the progress reports regarding the business which is aimed at the whole company’s improvement. The cost for the accounting and information fee for the said services for the franchisee is $80.00 monthly.


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