“How to Start EMU Bird Farming”
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  • V.V.Giri said on August 29, 2012
    We would like to start up the business location at Visakhapatnam district, kindly guide us to start up the above business.
  • Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on August 30, 2012
    @sunil gulia
    1. U can sell to ur local new farmers r can sell to the upcoming slaughter houses.
    2. Project Report is mandatory to get Bank loans n Subsidy.
    3. Banker only provide Loans n we get subsidy from NABARD(National Bank of Agricultural and Rural Development). Subsidy is available in all over India. Bankers procedure is very simple depending upon the papers u submit them n reputation v have.
    4. Once u have the quantity of feathers, Broken Eggs etc., u can get the buyers either online or by old existing farmers.

    @kesavachari, @koshy varghese, U can contact me either through mail or phone to get Detailed Project report and other details.

    @indranil banerjee, If u read all my previous postings colored in orange u can get ur doubt clarified. For more which u dont get u can post it here or mail/call us.

    @V.V.Giri , @RAMANAREDDY.P, Please spare some time and read my previous postings colored in orange. U can get compete idea regarding Emu Farming. For Detailed Project Report and Book regarding this u can mail/call us.

    +91 9246780131

  • Bharat kumar said on August 31, 2012
    hello sir ,i want to know about emu bird farming , plz give me the clear picture regarding this business , what will be the initial investment if i start it in 1 acre land at nizambad district ,(andhrapradesh) with 10 pairs of emu birds, thanking u sir
  • subhakant sahoo said on September 5, 2012
    i have 1 acre of land in odgaon, orissa. i want to start emu farming. kindly send me the detailed plannings. regards....subhakant
  • arjun said on September 6, 2012
    Hi @Vamsi@9246780131, Can i know any feed unit near satyavedu, chittor district and also let me know the grower and layer 50 kg bag feed cost in AP.
  • Surender Reddy beginner adviser said on September 6, 2012

    Hello Everyone, I am Surender REddy from karim nagar, andra pradesh. here am very glad to here that everyone are much interested with business environment and innovative principles. it is so good news to the nation also.

    Before to start a business on certain principles, first thing we have to do is to understand the business environment. on this aspect we have many kinds of parameters. i.e planning & analysis. before to start a planning for v business we should understand the market structure. for this view, we have to focus what type of products which emu have & where they will market. market conditions of that particular product. these all are the great factors of the business environment.

    Here everyone is discussing on bird farming & how can we get profits. out of these all we are having so much things to remember. here you all are having an idea of bird farming & getting profits by selling eggs. eggs will go for breed & new chick will come again. but here the thing we should understand is that a business shouldn't be a chain process. if you people don't think in different way, after certain period of time in india, there by a lot of emus will play the role like our normal indian chicks. then what is the demand for it once the time has reached. then the entire market for emu will fallout at single step. so friends, go deeply into the emu entire products & their market. understand it to analyze the market conditions for these products. then only go through your business. its my kind suggestion to u all.
    Thanks & Regards, Surender Reddy

    Emu Farming Expert

  • Tulshidas said on September 7, 2012
    I am from maharashtra, and we can get - 5,000 - 7,000 emu eggs in this winter session. Also we provide emu eggs of more than 2nd layer birds. If anybody are interested buyers pls call me - 09850029339 , or mail me - tu124125@yahoo.co.in
  • Yasodhar Pasupuleti said on September 8, 2012
    Sir, I am staying in chittoor district Tirupati . my question is one bird how many eggs will give per year? which banks are giving loans in chittoor .A.P India to whom i have to contract for detains in our place. what is the approx cost to start 50 pairs of birds.
  • mani said on September 8, 2012
    Hi @Surender Reddy, Can u give ur mobile no. or mail id. I will contract u regarding above article for emu market. My contract no.8977436782
  • susant gouda said on September 9, 2012
    sir, i am from bhubaneswar orissa i am very much interested in emu farming . but i could not find a right farmer of emu which can provide me these bird in orissa .there are some agencies who providing emu at high cost for 40000 per pair of 6 month emu.
  • Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on September 10, 2012
    @Yasodhar Pasupuleti, A pair of emus will lay 8-12 eggs in 1st laying and 15-25 from 2nd laying. All Nationalised Banks are giving loans for this emu Farming. There are above 40 farms in ur chittor dist. Just google for their details or u can call us for more info. Approx project cost for 50 pairs is 25 lacs including Incubator setup and excluding land cost.

    @susant gouda, U can contact us for purchasing/sale of birds. We can guide u in all aspects in Emu farming. We can provide u birds of all ages in market prices.

    +91 9246780131

  • Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on September 11, 2012
    @Bharat kumar For 10 pairs emu farm ur project cost will b 3-4 lacs. U require just 2500 Sft of land. Initial investment depends upon the age of birds u want to start with. If wanted we can make a Detailed Project Report as per u requirement.

    @subhakant sahoo Details for starting Emu Farming depends upon many factors such as ur investment capacity, no.of birds, Age of the birds u want to start etc. U can either call/mail me or post clearly here.

    @arjun I dont have any feed plant details in ur place. But many feed factories r supplying all over India n has their own prices. Just inquire ur self. If wanted i can provide u the dealers Contacts. We our self also have feed plant in our place. We charge Rs.1200/- per 50 kg bag of Growers and 1350/- per 50 kg bag of Breeders Pellet feed.

    +91 9246780131

  • Hitesh beginner adviser said on September 11, 2012
    anybody has started getting eggs yet?

    EMU Bird Farming Expert

  • H. Jagadeswararao said on September 11, 2012
    i have 16 cents site how to start emu forms details
  • mithesh said on September 11, 2012
    i am stating emu farm in mangalour, but i don't know where to sell eggs and emus in mangalour. please help me
  • bharatbhusanbemal said on September 12, 2012
    please give detail regarding emu farming. books, project report, from where I will get it.
  • veda said on September 13, 2012
    return of investment is taking long time when compare with other poultry business. Is there any better solution other than 4 years. please guide. Thanks Veda
  • Bharat kumar said on September 13, 2012
    thank u sir for ur reply, by the way sir as u told that for 10 pairs of birds it costs 3-4 lacs does this includes all the infrastructures or only the cost of birds?, but i want to start it with 3 months chicks and i already furnished that i have 1 acre land already is that excluding or including that amount (3-4lacs) as you said earlier. thanking u sir
  • Sudheer Krishna MP said on September 14, 2012
    HI @mithesh, I am Sudheer from Puttur near to Mangalore. I have plans to start emu farm with in few days .Please give me your contact number . My cell number is 7760309618. Thank you
  • Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on September 15, 2012
    @H. Jagadeswararao, U can accommodate 25 pairs in ur 16 cents land. But tell me ur budget to give u clear no.of birds that u can start. U can call me for more details.

    @mithesh, U can contact me to sell ur eggs.

    @bharatbhusanbemal we can provide u the Detailed Project Report, Books about emu farming and guidance to start ur own farm. We can also support u to sell/buy chicks/eggs. U can call for more details.

    @veda, U can start ur farm with breeders to get back ur returns within a year or below. But has to invest at a time.

    @Bharat kumar, The project cost of 3-4 lacs for 10 pairs includes ur infrastructure, purchase of birds and maintenance cost till 2 years(until you get your production). this amt is excluding land cost.

    +91 9246780131

  • gurpreet said on September 16, 2012
    hello, i want to start emu farm plz give me its market details
  • Balepalli yesu babu said on September 17, 2012
    Emu business in kotauratla. plz help me. how to get the emu birds business.
  • Balepalli yesu babu said on September 17, 2012
    Visakha(dt),andrapradesh, i am starting the emu birds business. How can I get the loan. i have 4 acres. plz give the information plz help me sir my village is kotauratla
  • kammisetty ramesh said on September 21, 2012
    sir i want to start emu business in my town in a p.i have 60 cents land, and beside highway. could you please give me the details of this business
  • tusar kanti chakrabortty said on September 22, 2012
    hi i am tusar from west bengal bankura district i want to start emu firm so advise me for this detail project & procedure . i have available land for this farm .
  • GANGARAO said on September 23, 2012
    I want to start EMU farming with investment of 2 lack in 3000 sft, kindly advise me.
  • Neha Patel said on September 26, 2012
    I am Neha from viramgam, Gujarat. i have 80000 square meters Open farm. I am interested to start this EMU farming with 20 or more pairs. please help me out by giving necessary details and also give me the guidelines like how to take care of birds and from where it would be purchase and what atmosphere is suitable for it. and also provide me a project report and loan facility availability and the document requirement for the same. please help me to start this farming.
  • Dr Mahesh Patel beginner adviser said on September 27, 2012
    Dear @Neha, If you are really want to do emu farming you should have some basic knowledge of emu farming. we can help you but finally you are investor. In Gujarat atmosphere is good for emus but poor birds poor management will be harmful in this farming, you have to go with buy back agreement so you can sale your eggs or chicks. Emu Guj.R&D Center at Anand is working for farmers since 2005. you can take guidance and help in project report and subsidy. You can call on 09727773707 for further details

    Dr Mahesh Patel

  • Dr Mahesh Patel beginner adviser said on September 27, 2012

    @keval patel, We are based in Anand and provide you complete project report and marketing support for emu product. In Gujarat we are doing emu R&D works since 2005 and after A.P. only another emu ranch who is having all emu products machinery including oil refinery and cosmetic products. you can visit any time at Our farm.

    Dr Mahesh Patel

  • Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on September 29, 2012
    @gurpreet, @kammisetty ramesh, @ tusar kanti chakrabortty, Pls read all my previous postings colored in orange color to get complete info regarding Emu Farming. U can contact me for a handbook of A-Z about Emu farming n Detailed Project report.

    @Balepalli yesu babu, U can get loan from any nationalised bank by submitting them the Detailed Project report, collateral security documents, its value report and Legal report. Once they sanction ur loan, banker will suggest u how to reach NABARD to avail Subsidy. In our AP we can get power supply in low cost. U can consult me for complete documentation.

    @GANGARAO, U can start with 10 pairs of emus in ur land n total project will cost u 3-4 lacs. for detailed u can contact me.

    @Neha Patel, all ur required information has been posted in my previous postings colored in orange. Pls spare time n read the same. If u require a complete detailed book n Detailed Project report u can consult me.

    @Dr Mahesh Patel, thank u for the information Mahesh bhai.

    +91 9246780131

  • indranil banerjee said on September 29, 2012
  • neil miranda said on September 30, 2012
    I have a plot of land will be starting a farm in tumkur bangalore
  • Deepa said on October 3, 2012
    we wish to sale EMUS.. we have around 30 EMU(baby and adult)...Can u help us regarding how to sell them.. Anyone interested to purchase the EMU, mail me at deepack006@gmail.com
  • R.Vasu said on October 6, 2012
    I am from tiruvannamalai tamilnadu I have 10 pairs of 3 years old egg laying EMU birds along with Inqubater capacity of 540 eggs in a season. Now I want to sell them. Any one interested to buy mail me or call on 9443005853 mail address is r.vasuramakrishnan@gmail.com I give guaranty that investment amount will get in one year
  • raghu ram said on October 6, 2012
    @neil miranda, Pls call me i will help in doing farming 9739738013 / 9343355500
  • soumitra jana said on October 7, 2012
    hello i soumitra jana belongs to kharagpur, in west Bengal. want to start a project of emu farming in big way, so if possible i want to visit u, and if possible then make a project report. pls reply me. my contact number:09932364166/08348222000.
  • naveen kumar beginner adviser said on October 8, 2012
    Hi i am from hyderabad . we have 3 years birds . those who want contact 09032102379

    EMU Farming Consultant

  • arun said on October 9, 2012
    I am from Chennai Tamilnadu, we will provide quality eggs for Hatching purpose so if anybody are interested to buy pls call me - 09003182107, Email ID maasemucare@gmail.com
  • paramjeet mallik said on October 15, 2012
    sir, my location is orissa(cuttack)can you give some project detail for emu farming that i can explain in bank for loan.and also where i market this product can you explain my mobile no-09861119981
  • Tirupathi said on October 15, 2012
    We have 50 pairs of adult birds. Please let us know any body interesting to by. Call on 09000675906 or drop an email with your contact details. Will get back to you, Email ID: svtemufarm@gmail.com
  • ajay Ingle said on October 17, 2012
    hi, I have 2000 sq feet land at Wardha city in Maharastra state, in India - country, I want to start emu farming with minimum investment( 1 lac) so can you help me about for purchasing eggs or chicks or emu birds supply, eating materials, how many days/months to develop for selling, selling rate in maharastra, approved department authority to emu farm in city, precaution taking to develop emu birds etc. for this business? (M)- 9325259554
  • sree ram said on October 20, 2012
    I am from A.P, I want to start with 10 pairs, what is the process to start it. How can i get the birds from the auth dealer. pl suggest me what is the right way.
  • satish saini said on October 20, 2012
    I am from muzaffar nagar u.p and i want start aprox 10pairs of emu ,how can u tell me budgt i have 2000 sqr.mtr space.
  • p.giribabu said on October 23, 2012
    hi, my name is giribabu, i am from anakapalle, i am having 5 acres of coconut land. Is it possible to start a EMU farming inside the coconut farm. Is there any emu farms nearby visakhapatnam. so please tell me the detailed procedure of emu farms.
  • Neeraj said on October 26, 2012
    Warangal, Andhrapradesh. When Do i Start making Profits if i Start with 75 pairs? Because i'm planning to take 30 lakhs loan. Will i be able to pay back? If someone can guide me please share their number i'll contact u people
  • anjaneyulu said on October 26, 2012
    dear sir, i want start the emu forming in low costing farming(first 2 or 3 pairs) starting.... please tell me details of cost, how to start that, how much estimating cost
  • Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on October 27, 2012
    @soumitra jana @paramjeet mallik, We have our own farm of 240 breeders in AP, If interested to start farm u can call/mail us for more details. We can also provide u Detailed Project Report and required Books about Emu Farming.

    @ajay Ingle @satish saini, U require minimum of 2500 Sft of land to start a minimum farm of 10 pairs n investment would b 3lacs above.

    @sree ram, you can call/mail me for details about Emu Farming, We have farm at Chirala nearby to Vijayawada.

    @p.giribabu, you can start ur farm in Coconut fields also. there are many farms nearby to visakapatnam. U can google for their details.

    @Neeraj, Minimum period to get profits from Emu Farming is above 3 years. you can avail subsidy from our Govt. also. U can call/mail me for complete details. my mob no.9246780131

    @anjaneyulu, It is useless to start Emu farming with 2-3 pairs of emus. If want to start with your personal interest as pets in your home u can do.

    +91 9246780131

  • Thirumal Reddy said on October 31, 2012
    Hi, I am working as software engineer, I want to start Emu bird farming in karimnagar, i have 10 acres of Agricultural land my father looking after and i can invest upto 5 lacks, So can anyone help me in providing valuable information in Emu farming to start. Please mail me on thirumal.motati@gmail.com and mobile no:9652826491
  • ramchander singh said on October 31, 2012
    i have 300 sq.yards teras. in hyderabad, andhra pradesh, India. i am very much interested in emu farming. please suggest me can i start farming emu? plz help.
  • venkatesh said on November 4, 2012
    I want information on Emu farms and how to get loan from nationalised banks.
  • Peter said on November 8, 2012
    I am from Pulivendula, kadapa Dist, andhra pradesh. I have 13 pairs of 3rd year egg laying EMU birds. Now I want to sell them. Any one interested to buy call on 9900873101. Email Id: peetaru@gmail.com
  • priyadarsinimanoj said on November 8, 2012
    SIR, I am from kerala.(alappuzha). I have 20 pairs of emu(10 months)birds and 3 pairs of( 2years) of emu birds to sell.please help me.
  • vasoya hemant said on November 10, 2012
    i am hemant and i want start a emu plan with 15 pairs of emu in gir of gujarat. plz give me all information
  • gopi said on November 16, 2012
    I am Gopi from Hyderabad. i want to start Emu Farm can i know how much it cost to start the business we are having land in my village it is 60 km away from Hyderabad.
  • Rakesh PATTEM said on November 18, 2012
    hi their this is Rakesh (rocky)i live in Australia my family lives in India, Andhrapradesh. i have recently heard about emu farming, am interested in starting emu farming in India. But i don't have any idea about EMU birds so could you please give me some information regarding this business like the basic requirements to the mandatory requirements i have relatives in farming so they will have some idea about animal breeding and all i need is information on emu bird farming. thanking you. waiting for your valuable response....
  • Shashi Kumar beginner adviser said on November 19, 2012
    Dear Rakesh, This is Shashi Kumar pls call me on 9343355500 so i can help in EMU Farming.

    shashi1311@hotmail.com || EMU Farming Expert

  • saikat mukherjee said on November 19, 2012
    hello sir, i have 5 acres of land with water and electricity facility available. i want to start an emu farm and fish farm. will u please guide me. thanks. regards saikat.
  • ashwin h gowda said on November 21, 2012
    how much the 3 months birds cost and after 2 yrs for how much we can sell it....
  • Shreyas gowda said on November 25, 2012
    Hi sir . I wanna know the price of 25 emu. And amount required for that and even the how much of place required for that. I wanna know many more things about that please call me sir thank you. 9900833084
  • Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on November 26, 2012
    @Thirumal Reddy, @ramchander singh, @vasoya hemant, @Rakesh PATTEM, @saikat mukherjee, U can start farming in ur land. Pls read all my posting colored in orange for complete details or can call me personally.

    @venkatesh, U can get Bank loans and Govt Subsidy by submitting the banker Detailed Project Report and required collateral Securities. We can guide u in all aspects to get Bank loans etc
    @gopi, Minimum investment for Emu farming is 3-4 lacs(10 Pairs).
    @ashwin h gowda, 3 months emu chicks will cost 8k approx. n can sell for 12.6K after 18 months of its age.
    @Shreyas gowda, For 25 pairs ur investment would b 10-12lacs. U require 7000SFt of land for the same. For more info u can call me personally.

    +91 9246780131

  • RAVI BANDI said on November 28, 2012
    please give me training about emu farming. i am from karanataka bagalkot district hungund
  • Bala subramania said on December 1, 2012
    Hello @Vamsi@9246780131, first of all thank you for all ur support. I read all of ur blogs n my only concern so far is regarding the Marketing of the meat, Egg and the chicks. I am from bangalore and want to know the market situation and the potential buyers in and around bangalore or even a wider reach. Is there an future in Emu farming. Could you help me with contacts and suppliers with buy back agreement. It will my pleasure if i can meet you in person and attain info.. and most importantly u say that the Breakeven and profit is from the fourth year, however what if i already have egg laying pairs. how long should it take for me to see profit.. Hope to receive ur support soon. Thanks..
  • Thirumal said on December 7, 2012
    @Vamsi@9246780131 thanks for you information. I met Emu farmers most of them are selling the emu birds for expanding the population(that means to other farmers) but not to the Emu processing units because of lack of information. If this is only for expansion then marketing is very difficult. Can you tell me where is these Emu processing units available in india. Please share additional information on marketing.
  • IMRAN KHAN said on December 10, 2012
    Dear sir/Madam, I am interested in emu business, I want to start an emu farm. Please give me right advise according this business.
  • Goudar said on December 11, 2012
    Dear @Vamsi@9246780131, i am from Karnataka Bagalkot district. what is the current price of emu eggs. are you buying eggs from other farmers? we have around 25 pairs of emus, wanted to sell the eggs. kindly help me out to get any buyer. thanks
  • Prashant Sharma said on December 12, 2012
    hi, i want to start emu bird farm with 20 pair of Birds. Please give me the project report & i want to know about the bank loan and U.P Govt & indian govt Can give Subsidy to this emu bird farming, place is Chitsona village dist bulandshar, U.P, india
  • kothem mangaraju said on December 13, 2012
    from pithapuram, east godavari district, andhra pradesh. i want start emu birds business. required land, investment, lone and any others details please send me. thanks and regards, k.mangaraju, 09848316667
  • Dillip@7760001567 said on December 20, 2012
    Hi, Some of the farmers in AP are getting the orders for meat ex: Kurnool Emu Association is supplying 1 ton of emu meat to military dept, MH this weekend. Has anyone thought of feeding the birds to get more fat? Please suggest the feed to get more fat to utilize the same in Premium Bath Soaps. I am happy to inform you that some of us have done the pilot project i.e., manufacturing the Premium Bath Soaps with Emu Oil and it is succeeded. Regards, Dillip
  • balakrishna said on December 23, 2012
    Dear sir, i am located in Ongole how much land is required for starting up emu bird and investment were can i get emu birds for best price I want to Pay 10 Pairs of birds Each Bird cost and Where I can Buy In Prakasem District, Andhra Pradesh And Fencing Coast, Food Coast, And How Many Eaggs They will put Per Week, Bank Subsidy Details ,How can we take Oil. Can U Plz tell me If We Need Any equipments That Equipment Details, Where can we Send, MEET, EGGS, OIL thats details. Over ALL project details Send to My Mail AND Contact My PH no : 8867315156
  • K.S.S.Sagaram said on December 24, 2012
    Business: Emu Birds. Please give me marketing details of emu birds, chicks, eggs and etc..
  • Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on December 25, 2012
    @RAVI BANDI, If are interested in Emu farming training u can contact me.

    @Bala subramania, Due to some scams in Maharashtra n Tamil Nadu the marketing of emu is a bit slow now a days. But need not worry at all, many slaughter houses are opening in Jan-April 2013. We dont need to worry. the exact situation in this filed now is: Slaughter houses people say there are no maximum no.of birds to slaughter and farmers say no purchasing plants due to initial stages of growth of the field. future will b bright of this farming undoubtedly. U can call/visit me personally . u r welcome.

    @Thirumal, Upcoming slaughter houses in AP:
    1. Vileena Emu Processors, Nuzividu (starting on 7/1/2013)
    2. AP Emu Processers P ltd., Hyderabad (will start by June of 2013)
    3. Sonica Emu Farms, Mangalgiri. Already slaughtering their birds n take one more yr to purchase from outside.
    4. V.L.Food Processers, Khammam. Already running
    5. The Krishna Dist Emu Processing unit, Agiripally. Will start by June 2013 and many more small units started n going to start by end of 2013. So no worry for marketing of the birds. Pls read above posting also.

    @IMRAN KHAN, U can get complete info about farming by reading all my previous postings for more info u can call/mail me.

    @Goudar, We are purchasing eggs at nearby farmers and from our customers previously sold our chicks. I dont have idea about selling ur eggs in ur state. Best suggestion is to incubate ur eggs n get chicks, so u can sell ur chicks any where in India. Even we may require.

    @Prashant Sharma, @kothem mangaraju, @K.S.S.Sagaram. We can prepare Project report and send u. All nationalised Bank give loans for the same. U can avail subsidy from NABARD in every state. We can send u GO copy of the same also. Contact us by mail of phone. @Dillip@7760001567, Add Soya Oil and Ground nut waste to gain more fat and weight

    @balakrishna, Our Farm is located in Chirala, Prakasam Dist. U can visit our farm personally for complete information

    +91 9246780131

  • Arun said on December 28, 2012
    Hi friends , please don't get into this emu business .it's just a chain link there is no meat consumption of emu meat in india . i was in this business from past 2 years having 70 pairs and lost more than 25 lakhs .please I request u people not to get in to this emu business. Their are lots of hidden secrets in this business which people won't explain you. They tell u only the fake profit and sell their chicks or birds . Please beware of this fraud business
  • G Prabhakar Reddy beginner adviser said on December 29, 2012
    @Arun: Even if you do business like poultry, dairy etc ...without transiting in to by products amd end products line they also will be chian link . As you know very well about advantages of emu by products and we dont want to explain again and again because it is proven fact. broiler Poultry industry started in India IN 1972. It took 14 years to accept by public having multiple production capacity than Emu. We advice you to experience uses of Emu by products and you will never say Emu Farming is fraud business. Best Regards, G Prabhakar Reddy

    gangalaprabhakarreddy@gmail.com || Emu Farming Expert

  • Premjit Singh said on December 30, 2012
    I Am from Punjab Have land of 2000 square yards am raw in this business I wanted to know 1st how to approach to whom I have to contact who can give training where are the farms. Please give some information reg Emu birds. Thanks & Regards, Premjit Singh.
  • Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on December 31, 2012

    @Arun, How can u say that Total Emu Farming is fraud??? Only in Ur state (Tamilnadu) and Maharastra there are some fraud people n made some negative farming . Der is a vast uses of Emus. u have to get into any field with proper suggestions given by reliable farmers. Once u go to the people who bluff about this, u will definitely be cheated.  People who r very much greedy has been cheated and also cheated others. Simply think over how they can return huge income @500%-600% per year in any business.  There is a very good future for this farming as many processing people will be ready with their units by 2013. 

    +91 9246780131

  • Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on December 31, 2012

    @Premjit Sing, there r many emu farmers in Punjab. U can google through net for their contacts and details.

    +91 9246780131

  • Vikram Reddy said on December 31, 2012
    hi, this is vikram from bangalore. i read all queries mentioned above, i'm also very much interested in starting the emu farm near by banglore. my query is, is there any insurance policies we can make for farming, so that we can stay safer from accidents like fire, thefts etc,...
  • Thirumal@9849223654 said on January 4, 2013
    Hi EveryOne, I got invite for inauguration ceremony of Vileena Emu Processing unit on 5th Jan at Mittagudem, Nuzvid. But unfortunately i am not available. Can any one attend this meeting and post the Minutes here so that it will help to other Emu farmers.
  • k.sriram said on January 5, 2013
    Hi this is k.sriram, currently working as engineer in pvt sector. I would like to start my own business, where I can earn a good amount of return. I am more interested in Farming EMU Birds plant of 50 pairs. Request you all to provide me the complete information about the business. I am really thankful, My preferred place to start EMU Farm is a small village, which is very close to kothagudem, Khammam (dt), India. Contact No: 9949528536. Thanks & Regards, k.sriram (9949528536)
  • Thirupal said on January 5, 2013
    Sriram/Muthuraju, Would you mind visiting our farm at Nellore. We can show you the project report and provide you all the required details.
  • priyadarsinimanoj said on January 7, 2013
    I am from kerala. (alappuzha). I have 20 pairs of one year old emu birds and 3 pairs of 2 years old emu birds to sell. if anybody interested ,contact with my mail id. my mail id is priyadarsinimanoj7@gmail.com
  • G Prabhakar Reddy beginner adviser said on January 9, 2013
    @WELL WISHERS, See Mr? Well Wisher.. Those who wish to become rich overnight like you only will say that Emu Farming is fraud. We once again advice you to experience end product marketing. I think You are trying to make money only by selling eggs and chicks. is it not? You tell me IF every body thinks like you only and start selling eggs and chicks, then how this industry will settle. Even now you start marketing end products. You will know the beauty of Emu Farming You can call us for any clarification at +919440255559. Best Regards G Prabhakar Reddy

    gangalaprabhakarreddy@gmail.com || Emu Farming Expert

  • Raghunath expert adviser said on January 10, 2013

    @Well wishers, your comment is deleted as we can't value you or your comment as you seems to be commenting here as anonymous. You could be right but fight others with your own identity, why someone should believe you when you don't have any name or contact.

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • brajesh chouhan said on January 11, 2013
    Dear Sir, I am interested to starting an emu farm in ajmer dist. plz give me best advice for farming and plz give more detail for emu farming subsidy . so we can start a emu farming . Regard's. Brajesh Chouhan Mo. 09269225725
  • LakkaRaju S R said on January 14, 2013
    I am interested in EMU Farming pls. kindly give me some advise
  • srikant said on January 18, 2013
    Hi Vamsi, Thanks for providing us the information about the EMU farming. I want to start this with 50 pairs of EMU in Krishna district in AP. Could you please clarify me the below points.
    1. What is the exact cost of 1 pair of 3 months old EMU birds now.
    2. How much land required for 50 pairs of EMUs.
    3. How many workers required to look after these 50 pairs of EMUs. Also let me know if these workers are required to stay in the farm 24/7.
    4. What is the feed we have to give to EMUs.
    5. What is the average feed cost for each EMU per day/month.
    6. What is the maintenance cost (like vaccines/doctor check ups/water/current/..) for each year.
    7. What is the fencing cost for these 50 EMUs
    8. What is the current market rate for each egg.
    9. To whom I need to sell the eggs. Will you buy the eggs?
    10. Who will buy the EMUs (which are 18+ months old). Will you buy back them?
    11. If you buy back the EMUs, what is the current market rate for 18 months (40 kgs) EMU.
    Thank you, Srikant.
  • krishna said on January 18, 2013
    sir, i want to start emu farming in west godavari district, andhra pradesh, India. my budget is 4-6 lakhs. with this amount how many emu pairs can be farmed. how can government can provide loan. please send the details to my mail address or call to my number 9014826843, 8125552572. if you send the details i will be thankful to you.
  • MD NAFEEZ KHAN said on January 21, 2013
    md nafeez khan i am from khammam in andhra pradesh i have @ 4480 sq yards of open land surrounded by agriculture fields i can invest 3 lacks on emu birds and i need to claim bank loan i want know more about this birds and i am 100% sure to do this business plz give the address of the nearest farm
  • sunil yadav beginner adviser said on January 23, 2013
    call me any body want to start emu farm in rajasthan. we have emu farm in 12 acre land in jaipur all facilities available. sunil yadav 9667416868

    9667416868 || Emu Farming Expert

  • Ngurang Chang said on January 26, 2013
    Hello, I'm Mr Chang CMD of MeghaMaaxAgroco situated at Itanagar capital city of Arunachal Pradesh (North Eastern Region of India.Here I would like to tell you that I'm alone farmer engaged in planting of Rubber trees within the entire state of Arunachal Pradesh.At this present time I have planted twenty five thousand rubber trees in an area of 50 Hectares from last 2 years. I have got plenty of lands measuring 4000 hectares(Approximately)laying unused till today, equipped naturally with beautiful small river called Rupung river. But last 3 months back one of my friend from Guwahati(Assam) suggested me to go for a Emu farming along with my Rubber Plantation.I'm too interested,but still getting confused...so please kindly advice me for which I'll be very grateful to u. Regards- liveinformationmeghamaaxagroco@gmail.com
  • surenderbabu said on January 27, 2013
    Hi, I am Surenderbabu I want to start my own business, I am very much interested about EMU farming, and I have my own Agriculture land of 1 Acre. at nalgonda ap If there is any training classes for to learn more about EMU birds and where can I purchase please give me right suggestion. thank you
  • mohammed nayeem said on January 28, 2013
    I am from karimnagar,(Andhra pradesh). I want to start emu bird farm. kindly send me details how to get bank loan
  • Vamsi@9246780131 expert adviser said on January 29, 2013
    @Vikram Reddy, New India Insurance company and Oriental Insurgence company are having some insurance policies for this Emu Farming.

    @Thirumal@9849223654, Vileena Emu Processors has inaugurated their plant on 5th Jan 2013. More than 1000 Farmers has attended. the unit has completed its 90% work and the management assured the completion within a month. This will b running full by March end. from then the unit reps will b visiting all the farms to collect data and will acquire birds of above 40 kgs as soon as they require. This is d statement given by Srinivasa Rao, MD of Vileena Group.

    @k.sriram, For starting Emu Farm with 50 pairs u require below 1/2 acre land and Project cost would be Rs.20-25Lacs. In which u can avail Nabard subsidy of 7.5-10Lacs. For detailed Project Report u can call/mail me.

    @brajesh chouhan, U can call/mail me for the Detailed Project Report of Emu Farming and the concerned Books. I can forward u the NABARD Subsidy GO copy for ur quick reference.

    @LakkaRaju S R, What Kind of advice u require. Please mention clearly to clarify, Please read my previous postings for complete Info.

    @srikant, I do remember u called me personally last week and clarified all ur doubts. Even though I will give u details once again here so that all the new interested people will know:
    1.Cost of Emu birds/chicks cost depends upon its age. 3months old chicks wil cost 6000/- per pair (approx) and breeders will cost Rs.20000-30000/- Approx
    2.Land required for a pair of emus is 300Sft, hence u can calculate ur required space.
    3.u may require 2 workers for 50pairs of farm n has to stay 24/7 in farm itself.
    4.Feed for emus is composition of Maize, Soya Bean, Deoild Brawn, Sunflower etc. Many Poultry feed manufacturers make dis feed.
    5.Average expenses for each pair of emus per year is 12000-15000/- including all expenses.
    6.Medicines/vaccines doctor fees, electricity etc all can be within the above said cost only.
    7.Fencing and poles cost would b 1lac for 50 pairs.
    8.Current price of egg is rs.800-1200/-
    9.During the egg laying season many buyers/old farmers come to buy this eggs. Even we buy eggs. If u want to start ur farm with 50 pairs u can install ur own Incubater n can sell chicks for better profits.
    10.4-6 emu processing units are under pipe line n will b under working by this year. they will buy ur 18months old emu birds. Even we can support for market ur birds.
    11.Vileena processors offer price for 40 kgs bird is Rs.315/- per kg (Live weight)

    @krishna, With ur investment of 4-6lacs u can start 50 pairs emu farm by getting bank loan of 20-25lacs from all nationalised banks and 7.5-10 lacs subsidy from Nabard. For more info u can call us.

    @MD NAFEEZ KHAN, U can google for ur nearby farms details r can visit our farm in Chirala(AP)

    @Ngurang Chang, U can call me at 09246780131 for complete details of Emu Farming. I can provide u all ur required info.

    @surenderbabu, We conduct Training classes for Emu Farming for free of cost with association with an govt firm called RUDSETI. Will inform u when traing starts.

    @mohammed nayeem, U can reach any nationalised Banks with a Detailed Project Report(which we can provide U) to get bank loans and subsidy. U can call me for the same.

    +91 9246780131

  • shital pawar said on February 4, 2013
    hi, i am shital pawar, i have 26 pair emu bird of 18-20 month old in ratnagiri district of maharashtra. i want to sell the emu. kindly send me the details of buyer, processing units. i will be thankful to you.
  • Satish Bawane said on February 12, 2013
    Hi i want to start emu farming. Please contact me for guide. my no. 9689247820
  • Firoz Salim said on February 22, 2013
    Hi. I am working at Mumbai as computer Engineer. and I have seen lots of your post regarding EMU. My question what is legal difficulty to start EMU farm at AMRAVATI (MS) with 10 Pair. Is there any type of NOC required? Also want to know about selling of EMU? Do we need to marketing for that or we can get buyer easily. Also AMRAVATI weather is suitable for EMU farm?
  • Rangaswamy said on February 26, 2013
    Hi, I am Rangaswamy i have 11 emu birds of 13 month old & fencing material in Bangalore district of Karnataka. Any interested persons let me know. mob-no - 9141576149
  • Rangaswamy (Want to sell Emu Birds) said on February 26, 2013
    I want to sell the complete setup with 11 birds and fencing material. Location: Bangalore, State : karntaka. contact no : 9141576149
  • Parashurama said on March 2, 2013
    Respected Sir, We have 24 Birds of EMU of 02 Years old. I belongs to Raichur, Karnataka State. I want to sale these birds with suitable rate. If anybody interested to buy please call me this number 09945133412, 08867350215. Thank you
  • arvind m patani said on March 2, 2013
    i have 600 mtr land in patan mehsana dist in gujarat i want to start emu egg business so send me a necessary detail to start a business my mobil.no.is 9925852465


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