Warner Bros. Chose Quebec as Their Ideal Location for Their Development Studio

Warner Bros. announced that they will construct their development studio Montreal, which can generate jobs for more than 300 people.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that they will build a development studio located in Montreal, which can hire 300 people or more, in the latter part of 2015.

In Monday, Warner Bro’s said they can now make digital and cinema animations internationally, aside from the usual video games that they produce. Quebec is the best place for Warner Bros. because of their highly skilled people and universities, said Martin Tremblay Warner Bros. Interactive’s President.

He also added that they chose Montreal for their studio also because of Quebec’s tax credits and some motivational credits. Their need to expand their gaming prowess is easier to achieve in Montreal because of its very talented and skilled artists, and low operation costs.

In Montreal, Warner will develop more video games involving Superman, Batman, and other characters from Warner’s DC Comics, said Tremblay.

There are many Warner studios all over the world.

Martin Carrier, an experienced person in the local industry, is in charge of the studio construction for the weeks to come, added Tremblay.

Premier Jean Charest was there in the proclamation of the construction of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment development studio in Montreal. He stated that the government takes pride on Warner’s preference for Quebec as the location for their upcoming video games and digital animation studio.

Charest also said that Quebec’s favorable attributes such as its skilled and talented workers, and its being economically aggressive, is really made out of numerous efforts and hard work. And they are glad that Warner Bros. recognized those traits. And so they are pleased to have them in their place.

One of the world’s video game development capitals is Montreal.

The development studio will receive a $7.5 million non-refundable input from Quebec’s investment fund just to give assistance in the construction of the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.


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