World Color Press Advances despite Decrease in Profits This Year

World Color Press Inc. is showing the slightest improvement despite the obvious decline the revenues for this year.

World Color Press Inc. is very positive as it declared a fairly small decrease of 15% compared last year, in the fourth quarter takings at US$18million, which as they see is an improvement for their business this year.

By the end of 2008, World Color’s income suffered a loss of US$654 million as it changed into red after being in black for a long time.

World Color advanced as it got rid of US$180 million expenditure and the US$122 million shortfall in foreign exchange in the late 2008. They even got US$3million in the fourth quarter from foreign exchange.

Chairman and CEO Mark Angelson said that despite the decline in returns, the company still earns profits as they acquire more and new customers. He also added that the economy is still doing well for them.Its fourth quarter eturns got low at US$848 million as compared to 2008’s US$1 billion during the time it was labeled as the Quebecor World.

Their repair and operating costs, and taxes were at $21 million from last year’s $118 million. Also in 2008’s fourth quarter, they lost $324 million for the insubstantial properties and $33 million from reconstruction and taxes.

In May 2008, Quebecor Inc.’s ex-subordinate asked for court security against collectors because they weren’t able to sell some of their assets to pay up unpaid sums.By summer, Quad/Graphics Inc., top private printing business in the US, will merge and officiate their companies with 30,000 workers as agreed this January while World Color shines in the US Stock Exchange.

World Color’s returns declines to $3.1 billion in 2009, from last year’s $4 billion because of the thriving economy impaired by lower prices.World Color’s deficit is at $154 million from 2008’s $944 million. Make it $1.66 billion if low-cost procedures are added in.


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