Westjet Airlines Launched Its Travelling Reward Programs to Make Up For the Delays

WestJet wants to get the most passengers as possible to be ahead of Air Canada by promoting their own travelling programs.

WestJet Airlines Ltd., the major competition of Air Canada for high-paying business passengers, revealed its overdue credit card and regular travelling program.

Since its launching last June, the said programs were suspended in expectation of the resolved WestJet’s booking method.Rewards Canada founder, Patrick Sojka said that the programs are long-overdue.

With acquisitions thru Royal Bank MasterCard, buyers can get “WesJet dollars”, which may be applied for travelling promos or for seat reservations. WestJet added that suspensions and seat limitations are not applicable to “WestJest dollars” .

Bob Cummings, WestJet’s executive vice-president, said that tourists flying from 4 to 20 times annually, under their mileage program, want a “simple currency”. He added that it is practically how they constructed their system to be simple, transparent, and high value.

There are two RBC MasterCard programs for cardholders: they are to receive 100 WestJet dollars, and 1.5% bonus of WestJet dollars with travel pledge, hotel premiums, and promotions all for $79 annually; and the other one is for 25 WestJet dollars with 1% WestJet dollars bonus for $39 annually.

Sojka said that Air Canada’s program is superior to WestJet’s. But the latter is ahead in terms of hassle-free and graspable methods. Cardholders are not required to attain a certain point to avail the perks, just like in other plans.

Cummings remarked that to get more clients, WestJet has a loyalty program to those who uses $1,500 annually for flying with WestJet. For example, for $6,000 capacity, a client may receive another ticket going to places where WestJet travel.

WestJet expanded from 88 to 134 planes.Business tourists in great number can utilize all of their planes as Cummings said.WestJet is at 23 – 24% and still growing towards 30% within 3 to 4 years in the business industry.

A well-travelled person can benefit from the program, especially the freelancers. They are for inexpensive flights and travelling rewards, either with WestJet or Air Canada.And many travelers will avail for the rewards no matter what the value is, Sojka said.


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