Xceed Mortgage Corp. Charged By HSBC Financial For Breach Cases

Xceed Mortgage Corp. announced that it received a statement of complaint from HSBC Financial regarding the breach cases relevant to its different transactions and dealings with the Vancouver based company.

Xceed Mortgage Corp., the known company that loans the mortgage to its clients, announced to the public that they admit to having received a statement of claim, which is filed in the Superior Court located in Ontario. The claim was submitted by the famous credit card company, HSBC Financial Corp. Ltd.

The complaint that was filed by HSBC Financial Corporation Ltd. is about the alleged cases of infringement related to the credit and collection rules together with other relevant settlements that were made between the credit card company and Xceed. In this case, Xceed Mortgage Corporation is the one accused of the said complaints from HSBC Financial Corporation Ltd. These statements were given by HSBC Financial Corporation Ltd. in a press release.

The mortgage lender company, Xceed Mortgage Corporation reacted on the said complaint by HSBC Financial Corporation Ltd. Their statement specifically said that their company firmly believes that the credit card company’s earlier announcements regarding their filed complaints were all full of foolishness and worthless. HSBC’s statement was just the company’s way of making itself look good in this situation.

At present, Xceed Mortgage Corporation is found to have $1.9 billion worth of mortgages together with different properties under their supervision.

On the other hand, HSBC Financial Corporation Ltd. together with its various contributory properties and companies was able to give the citizens of Canada that turns out to be their loyal costumer with mortgages, loans, numerous lines of credit cards, and other financial services and products by making use of its functional network of branches and offices in different locations.

HSBC Financial Corporation Ltd., which is baed in Vancouver, is said to be a part of the big HSBC Group. It has a bank headquarters located in London, which is declared to among the world’s largest financial companies because it is comprised of 8,000 office scattered all over the 88 countries world-wide.


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