Wi-Lan Files A Case Against Major Technology Companies

Wi-Lan is a small company that handles the products under exclusive rights of companies as well as the collection of licensing fees.

It has found reasons of violation in the use of the Bluetooth technology by Apple, Toshiba, Motorola, and others.

The hot technology gadget manufacturers such as Apple, Toshiba, and Motorola were accused of breach cases by Wi-Lan, which is a company that grants license and exclusive rights to companies. The said lawsuit pertains to the violation in the use of Bluetooth devices through cell phones and computer notebooks.

The case is presently being examined in the court in Texas, where Wi-Lan is tasked to prove its accusations.

Tyler Burns, director of investor relations and communications of Wi-LAN said that companies will learn a lot about the importance and power of the portfolio. He also added that there are companies who will just disregard chances to negotiate over the license.

Wi-Lan is heightening the implementation of its official documents, Burns said. But he also stated that court hearings are very time consuming and expensive, which made negotiations outside the court more feasible.

It is in the company’s wish that the accused mobile companies would indulge in negotiating for the licensing of the Bluetooth technologies, remarked Burns. He also added that if the lawsuit still pursues, then it will be under trial of a jury.

Some of the defendants were Apple Inc., Dell Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co., Intel Corp., Motorola Inc., Sony Corp., and Texas instruments Inc.Acer, Lenovo, and Toshiba were also included in the defendants’ list. But they cannot be contacted regarding the breach cases.

Bluetooth is prevalently used for not o distant communications. It aids the users by allowing them to connect a headset to the mobile phone for a hands-free call.

The copyright of the Bluetooth technology was owned by Proxim who is an American who broke the new ground for the wireless technolog, said Burns. He also remarked that the defendants mentioned were also included in a lawsuit filed by Wi-Lan regarding Wi-Fi and DSL as used in laptops and connection routers.

Burns discussed also that Wi-Lan is fortunate to have more budget for legal actions, which may be around millions.Wi-Lan handles the compilation of 800 or more copyrights as well as gathering the licensing payments from the creators of the technologies and equipment.

The copyrighted products are grouped under wireless technology and consumer electronics for televisions and personal computers.Wi-Lan’s shares rose $0.03 at $2.86, which is a total of 1% of increase in the Toronto Stock Exchange.


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