Canada Government Wants To Grab 10th Place In Global Economy Competitiveness

The government wants Canada to get the 10th place in the ranking of global competitiveness all over the world. It may look like aiming for a lower position but they were just referring to their 2008 ranking when giving the said goal.

The government led by Harper is now aiming at making Canada as the tenth country in the list of the most competitive economies all over the world.

This goal seems to be very grand but Canada was able to secure the ninth position in the list already. It is specifically indicated in the report of the industry Canada’s set of proposals and precedence that it wants to be the tenth country in the World Economic Forum’s index of global competitiveness for 2012 to 2013.

Industry Minister Tony Clement’s spokesperson stated that their department constructed their said report making their 2008 ranking result as their basis. In that year, Canada was able to reach the tenth place. In 2009, Canada is the ninth.

Lynn Meahan remarked that their government is very particular when it comes to their main goal of being aggressive in the global market. She also said that their government was able to put in $10.7 billion for science and technology in the present year. Meahan also stated that their government is aiming for more advancement, which can make them competitive in the market. Their investments are aimed at enriching the economy of Canada in preparation for the years to come.

Based on the current listing, Canada is positioned between Japan who is at the eighth spot and the Netherlands in the tenth place. The country that ranked first is Switzerland, which is proximately followed by United States.
Dale Orr, a known economist stated that with Canada’s competitive currency, it was able to wear down the price rates worldwide. He also added that the performance of Canada is slowing down far away from other leading countries for quite a long time now.

Mark Caney, who is the governor of the Bank of Canada sadly said that Canada’s efficiency is only reaching an awful 0.7 percent every year for a long time now. The said rate is almost half of the attained rate of the United States.
Orr reiterated that Canada must double up its efforts to maintain its ranking. One must be positive in believing that Canada can still come up at par with the United States within the coming five years.

Orr also remarked that without enough cautiousness, the United States can effortlessly put down Canada in contending for alike markets worldwide, most especially China. Thus, he concluded that the government must set sights on greater things.


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