Starting a BP Connect Franchise

The BP Connect and Wild Bean Cafe is a gas station outlet and food establishment that offers not only gas services but also a cool relaxed atmosphere to eat as well.

Currently BP has around 14,000 retail outlets and is now looking for more people to share the profitable business opportunity with.

With the BP franchise one is able to benefit from the credibility and instant recognition that it provides. Those interested in starting their own businesses to gain financial freedom are usually hesitant to start an entire establishment from scratch especially if these people are those that have little to no experience in running their own business. Therefore they resort to franchises to lower the risk. With the BP franchise the franchise owner will follow a proven successful and profitable business model that will make it easier for him spear through success. Bp is committed to providing quality goods and services in terms of gasoline and vehicle needs as well as food and beverages.

The gas station retail franchise comes alongside with the Wild Bean Cafe, where vehicle owners and motorists can drop by for a bite to eat after gassing up their transport. Gas stations are a necessity in any community and therefore a reliable franchise option. Keep in mind that you will need to have this establishment in a well trafficked area for motorists since that is who your target audience will be.
Consider that you will need to assess whether or not the initial investment is within your budget. There are several ways to go about this as you can either ask the franchiser for financial assistance, if offered, otherwise go to a third party financial firm that can assist you. In the infancy of the business it is best to remember that you will need to settle all the legalities such as permits, certifications and licenses for your business. This is why it is important to consult with both an attorney and an accountant.

Training is available at the headquarters and more information regarding the specifics will be announced upon approval of your application for franchising. Keep in mind that even if you will be using the name and registered products of the franchiser, it is still up to you how to run your business. With these kinds of establishments it is always best to have something unique to offer your customers that set your establishment apart from the rest. Aside from training in class, you will also be assisted at the opening of your establishment. True there are several things to get used to especially if it is your first time managing this kind of business if not any business at all. Everything will be supplied for your use including the necessary tools and modules, manuals, guides etc.

Marketing and Advertisement is considered part of the franchise fee and other ongoing support is from their toll free hotline, online assistance and on site assistance.

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  • parveen berry said on May 29, 2013
    please send me details about investment and how it works. I am owning petrol pump in jalandhar Punjab


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