PIP Printing and Marketing Services Franchise Information

PIP is open to accept franchisees nationwide who are motivated to reach financial success with the company.

The PIP Printing and Marketing Services Franchise Information is very easy to understand and accomplish by any interested applicant.

PIP Printing and Marketing Services is a company that focuses on helping other businesses in promoting their programs to be able to achieve their set goals for success.

PIP attends to other businesses’ growth and development needs by constructing various forms of communication and advertising strategies that is appropriate for their business venture. Their valued services include the manipulation of web-based resources, broadcasting commercials through different forms of mass media, and the use of modern technologies for advertising.

PIP is open for franchising applicants who are interested to enter a business that is continuously growing. This franchising opportunity suits you if you want to be working comfortably as your own boss. You can hire other people to work for you in your own franchise outlet. If you are aiming for financial success within a very reasonable time, by entering this business, PIP can help you get to it. PIP is a good choice for you because PIP Printing and Marketing Services will be with you all the way for your personal and professional growth. You are assured to undergo trainings, seminars, conventions, exhibits, and many more to allow you with enough time and opportunities to be at your best in this business.

If you are interested to go through this franchising opportunity, just take note of every detail in the PIP Printing & Marketing Services franchise information for you in this article.

For your additional information about PIP, it was founded in the year 1965 by Bill LeVine who started it as a printing company which eventually became an express printing shop. With its growth and popularity, it welcomed franchisees nationwide since 1968. You might also be glad to know that PIP is one of the supporters of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which makes them more socially involved for a god cause.

In starting out in this business, you must be aware that your total investment for a PIP franchise is from $264,705 up to $289,705. Upon the signing of contract you will be required to pay $25,000 for the franchising fee. PIP will get 0.25% to 6.5% of your sales as its on going royalty fee. The contract will last you for 20 years but it is still renewable upon your decision.

As a businessman, your net worth must be at $300,000 with a cash liquidity requirement of $125,000 to $150,000. You will be a qualified franchisee if you have had an experience in handling a business before. But you are not required to have an experience in the printing and marketing industry. Also, you would surely be considered if you have great marketing skills that the company would find useful for their growth and progress.

You will be trained by professional people in the field starting from the day you decide to join the franchising network of PIP until the first few days of operating your own franchising unit. PIP assures you with their complete support through meetings, phone calls, Internet based communications, newsletters, conventions, on the job visitations, and many more. The company will help you in promoting your business through their tested advertising strategies involving traditional and modern communications technology.


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