Mr. Transmission/Transmission Franchise Opportunity

Mr. Transmission/Transmission franchising opportunity can benefit interested franchisee applicants in such a way that the company will assist them in attaining their goals for financial success.

Mr. Transmission/Transmission USA has been in the business of car maintenance and repair services. It has had 50 years and counting of valuable car service experience for people across United States.

Mr. Transmission is a professional company who offers its clients with auto remodeling and repair in a higher level because of their high-tech equipment and recommendable system.

For Franchisees

Franchisees that get into business with Mr. Transmission/Transmission USA usually have that innate love and interest in cars. And if you think you have that, then you will be happier to know that your interest in cars can bring you financial success. Mr. Transmission/Transmission USA’s franchising opportunity offers you a wide-range of opportunities for self-growth and business success. With the name and reputation that it has built over time, franchisees will not have a hard time putting up with people’s impressions and expectations. Franchisees also get to be their own boss. You will have employees to work for your business.

You do not have to worry about the target people of this franchising opportunity with Mr. Transmission/Transmission USA. All over United States, many people owns and drives at least one car for personal and professional use. And with that number, you will not run out of possible customers for your business.

Franchise Information

To start with the Mr. Transmission/Transmission USA franchising opportunity, you must be ready to put out a total investment amounting to a minimum of $141,519 up to a maximum of $178,805. You will be obliged to pay the franchising fee for $30,000. Mr. Transmission/Transmission USA will get the 7% of your sales for the on-going royalty fee. You must be agreeable with the 20 years renewable contract with Mr. Transmission/Transmission USA.

You are qualified to join Mr. Transmission/Transmission USA franchising opportunity if your net worth is at least $300,000. You must also have a cash liquidity of $60,000.

A franchisee must have an experience or related background in business operations and administrations. You will be treated as a company asset if you have great marketing skills. There is no required experience in auto repair services. You will be trained by professionals in the field before and during your business operation of your own franchise unit of Mr. Transmission/Transmission USA. All that is expected from you is the patience and determination in reaching your objectives.

You will be supported by the company all the time by sending you newsletters, allowing you to attend meetings and conventions, guiding and assisting you on your grand opening day, providing you with Internet based and toll free phone call assistance, and also through on the job visitations. Your success will also be the whole company’s success that is why they are willing to help you promote your business through different advertising strategies.

As a franchisee, you must have at least 3 and a maximum of 5 employees for your franchising unit. Mr. Transmission/Transmission USA has also made provisions for absentee ownership of a franchise. As a matter of fact, 93% of their franchisees are owners and operators of a unit.


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