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As privately owned company that started from humble beginnings, HobbyTown USA has become one of the biggest general hobbies and supplies stores in the country.

To date, the HobbyTown is looking for potential business partners and franchisees in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

HobbyTown was co-founded by Merlin P. Hayes and Thomas Walla in 1969. Hayes, along with his wife, had a small hobby shop where they met Walla. The two then became business partners and later bought their competition store and call it HobbyTown.

With around 165 stores in the US and Canada, having your own HobbyTown franchise is one sure way of making it to the top of the market.

As one of the top stores when it comes to general hobbies and supplies, HobbyTown is now looking to expand business around the world, searching for potential business partners that can be part of the HobbyTown family.

If you want to buy your own HobbyTown franchise, here are several things that you need to know:

The first thing that you should remember in having your own business is how much the cost and fees you’ll need to put up the store. Based on the data provided by the company, the total investment in one HobbyTown franchise ranged from $177,000 to $478,000 depending on the design of the store and the territory involved.

You should also know that the franchisor is charging around $19,000 for the 10-year franchising fee and it is implementing an on-going royalty fee of three percent annually.

There is also no specific net worth requirement in having your own HobbyTown store. If you wish to buy a franchise store, all you need to have is a liquid cash of $60,000 and $300,000. Of course, you also need to have a general knowledge on business operations and how to grow the business from the ground up.

If you qualified as a franchisee, HobbyTown will give you full training and support, which is already included in the franchising fee.

The training will be made available for you at the company headquarters for one week and another three weeks in the actual store location. These trainings will help you and your employees familiarize yourself in the actual business operations.
During the trainings, a team of experts will also educate you on how to deal with customers and discuss the products that you are selling. The products include baseball cards, toys, collectibles, and other general hobby items.

Meanwhile, for the on-going support, the franchisor offers each franchisee with a newsletter support, meetings and seminars, hotlines, security and safety procedures, and other evaluations needed in the field operations. The franchisor will also help the qualified franchisees for their grand opening day.

If you buy a HobbyTown franchise now, the franchisor will also give you free marketing support, which includes co-op advertising, national media exposures, and ad slicks.

Be part of the most successful and recognizable name in the hobby industry today. Buy your own HobbyTown franchise now!


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