Personal Concierge Service

How to start a personal concierge service? Well, perhaps you’re like everybody else who don’t have any idea on how to provide this kind of service.

Don’t worry because you will learn all the essentials in one sitting. Starting this kind of service may seem difficult to you but with the right guide, you can pull it off.

Some individuals love to help others. To be in the personal concierge service, you need to be highly organized and best of all, you’re the boss. Lots of people are too busy to take care of their day to day tasks. To be in this kind of business, you will need to have the heart to perform those tasks. By filling the needs of these busy people, you can already make money and the best way to offer the service is on the web. Aside from maintaining a website for the service, you should also have an answering machine, telephone, and business cards.

Steps to Starting a Personal Concierge Service

Is there a need for a personal concierge service in your area? For those who live in the metropolitan areas and in places where people earn considerable income, you can take advantage of the opportunities. If there is a need for a concierge service, the next step is to decide on the services that you can offer. There are many kinds of services like party planning, cleaning services, travel arrangements, shopping, managing household employees, starting dinner, running errands, picking mail, and many others. As long as you’re creative and you’ve identified the needs of busy people, you can easily decide on a particular service.

You will need to think of a brand or a business name so that your clients and potential customers can remember you easily. The business name should appear on all your business cards and other communication or promotional materials. You should also create your own site so that you can reach a larger market. The site should contain all the necessary info about the services you’re offering; if you want, you can hire the services of professionals to help you in creating a website. Your home office should also be organized because when unexpected clients visit you, you will need to impress them. Make use of an organizational system so that you can easily find the things you need.

Concierge Biz

Since you’re going to put up a home based business, you should also comply with the local laws and regulations regarding businesses. You will need to handle all the legalities so that you will not have any problems in the future. You need to endure that you’ve secured the necessary permits, licenses, and requirements. The legal documents should also be kept organized so that when you’re business is in question, you can produce them when needed.


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